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Digital East Riding

About the programme

This programme sets out how we will deliver the services and infrastructure our residents need to thrive and live happy, healthy lives, now and for years to come. It details how we will deliver technology to enable residents, businesses, partners and the council to get the most out of digital and show, how using the latest technologies will provide better value for money and more accessible and flexible services, designed with customer needs in mind.

It's about how we can achieve more, with less, to serve our residents better and tailor how we deliver services to meet differing needs in the East Riding. It also links in with our priorities to achieve our vision, Your East Riding... where everyone matters.

Digital principles

create a culture where change is welcome, and our customers are the focus of our work
design the right services for our customers through trials and tests with our users, listening to their feedback and making improvements
use our customer data to make sure that any decisions we make are based on what we know about our users
invest in our staff and make sure they have the skills they need to do their job and serve our customers
share what we do with others and bring the right people into the room so that we can collaborate

Digital vision and themes

Our vision is that digital will help us to:

  • exploit the transformational opportunities that digital tools and technology offers, so we can provide the best services to our communities in the most efficient way
  • save money and deliver better outcomes, such as intervening earlier in health and social care to help people stay in their own homes for longer
  • transform the way we work by changing how the organisation behaves, how we commission services and partners and how we identify and solve problems
  • automate processes to allow us to release staff to do more value added work and prioritise our residents
  • make services easier to access, more personalised and responsive using the data we have
  • create an environment to support businesses starting up and grow existing ones

There are 3 main themes that form the Digital East Riding programme:

Digital organisation

The digital organisation focuses on the investment we need to make in our staff and how we as a council can change and adapt internally to improve our service delivery. We will:

  • use innovation to improve our public services, with less money this includes using different digital channels to engage with hard to reach groups
  • invest in our staff by giving them:
    • access to the technology they need to do their jobs most effectively
    • the skills and confidence to use the new technology
    • support to deliver great services to residents as efficiently as possible
    • more time to work on the front line
  • look for innovative ways to educate and inform our staff to:
    • reduce the risk of cyber threats to our data and infrastructure
    • recognise cyber attacks
    • reduce the same risks in their personal lives

We have several strategies and approaches that make up the digital organisation.

Digital place

Aimed at our residents, visitors and businesses this theme focuses on making the East Riding a more attractive place to be. Our initiatives for this include:

  • faster broadband connectivity through more public WiFi hotspots
  • the Internet of Things - connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems
  • smart technology solutions to reduce energy consumption and lower emissions
  • improvements to public safety

The East Riding can have a thriving business sector, with start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses creating growth and prosperity. Digital will enable us to maximise our economic potential by developing facilities, systems and skills to drive job growth and productivity.

Digital collaboration tools will allow us to work more effectively with businesses as well as businesses working with each other using shared data and platforms. This will help us to develop a Smart County approach.

You can also find out more about this theme on our dedicated website.

Digital East Riding - Digital place

Digital customer

The digital customer focuses on the online services we offer our residents and businesses. We will ask our customers for their input to make sure our services meet their needs, are as easy as possible for them to use and enable our residents to be more independent.

It will be easy for customers to communicate with us. By increasing the number of customers who interact and request services online, the quicker they can complete their transaction. This also means we reduce the number of people using traditional methods such as telephone or face to face contact and therefore can support our most vulnerable residents quicker who still need this service.

Residents will be able to access our digital skills learning opportunities, helping them to increase their confidence to complete transactions online and build up their skills to a basic or professional level to enhance their future job prospects.

Download the document below to learn more about our customer strategy.

Customer strategy 2022-2026

You can also find out more about this theme on our dedicated website.

Digital East Riding - Digital customer

Digital organisation strategies

Technology strategy

The aim of our technology strategy is to make sure that our technology solutions are simple to use, reliable, adaptive to business change and aligned to our digital ambitions.

Our values include making sure we strive to:

  • provide technology that meets our business need
  • work in collaboration with our partners for the benefit of the whole of the East Riding
  • constantly challenge ourselves to deliver innovative solutions
  • have the best system security that is at the forefront of our ICT decisions.

There are 3 main themes to the strategy of how technology will enable our digital organisation, digital customer, and digital place.

This makes sure our staff have the skills to do their job, residents have an improved user experience, opportunities to learn new digital skills and those in geographically difficult to reach rural areas have access to better broadband and technology.

We will work with external partners to share knowledge, to jointly deliver advanced solutions using the latest technology with robust security systems to benefit the whole of the East Riding.

Technology strategy themes and plan overview

The full strategy has been agreed and signed off and is available to download below.

Technology strategy 2022-2026

Data strategy

Our data strategy aims to modernise our services using the most up to date data about our customers.

It is vital that we have a greater understanding of our people and place by making use of the data that we have available to us. We need to analyse our customer data better and review and improve how and what information we gather. This will make it more reliable and useful to us to enable improvements in our digital service offering to our residents and businesses.

We are currently developing our data strategy to:

  • better understand how our customers access services
  • improve the digital services we provide
  • understand patterns of service delivery and customer behaviour.

Our strategy will be available to download soon. If you'd like to find out more before the strategy is published contact us via the form below.

Fill in our contact form

Agile approach

Our definition of agile is about being:

  • flexible and responsive as an organisation
  • able to adapt culturally in terms of leadership and management
  • creative, trusting our staff and upskilling them
  • embracing change and making the most of technology

The term agile is already established as one of our ambitions to be a modern organisation, with a modern workforce, in a modern workplace, where everyone matters. Using an agile approach is how we can achieve this.

The use of the wording modern organisation means that we will always be striving to remain current and continuing to improve. Examples of how we will become a modern organisation include smart new workspaces, new working practices, changes to our culture and delivery of services.

Our agile approach is currently being worked on. You can find out more from January 2022. This approach links to our new people strategy.

We're using new methods of working such as hothouses. These are a dynamic way to create innovative ideas and engage with staff and partners. The approach prioritises incremental, feedback driven changes into development and delivers an action plan with accountabilities, timelines and governance built in. The idea is to develop a minimum viable product that can then be improved.

The hothouse follows these principles:

  • focus on user needs
  • fail fast and learn quick
  • keep improving
  • deliver iteratively
  • keep planning.

If you have any ideas for modernising services, contact us via the form below.

Customer strategy

We are committed to delivering the best outcomes for all our residents across the East Riding. Our customers will be the focus of everything we do. We'll listen to our residents and businesses to understand their needs, consider their feedback and respond appropriately to put in place services that are:

  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • accessible to everyone.

The way customers contact the council has evolved in recent years, reflecting innovations in technology and changes in customer behaviour and expectations. We want digital to become the contact method of choice for residents and businesses, allowing them to self serve at a time convenient to them. We'll continue to provide easy to access services and make every contact count.

Digital is not just putting our services online, but totally rethinking how those services are offered. This includes:

  • a focus on our customer needs and designing the right services for them
  • trials of services, to find out what works and accepting when something isn't working, learning from it and moving on
  • the use of valuable data about our customers, in line with GDPR, to make sure that any decisions we make are based on what we know about them
  • investment in our staff by making sure they have the digital skills and tools they need to do their job and serve our customers
  • sharing what we do with others and making sure we bring the right people into the room so that we can collaborate.

Our strategy, available to download below, has been created following consultation with customers and staff and has been reviewed during COVID-19 to reflect new and innovative ways of delivering our services, now and in the future.

Digital skills

Digital skills for staffDigital induction trainingDigital skills for managersDigital leadership

Digital skills for staff

Our digital skills challenge includes reskilling and upskilling our staff to benefit them and our residents. We need to:

  • provide learning methods to meet differing needs
  • consider barriers to learning, such as access to devices
  • communicate the benefits to our staff and teams using the right channels
  • create a place to share knowledge and resources

Our video shows how our welfare support worker team embraced the challenge to improve their skills and use these to reduce social isolation and loneliness of residents.

Watch our digital skills challenge YouTube video

To find out more or get involved, fill in our contact form.

Digital induction training

With new and changing digital ways of working and digital service delivery, we value the importance of making sure you have the right digital skills. Therefore we:

  • feel it is vital you receive training and support from the start of your employee experience with us
  • provide equal opportunities to a basic level of training no matter what your job role is
  • support you to feel confident and comfortable using digital technologies in work and at home

We are currently developing our latest digital skills induction training.

Access our course finder for other types of digital learning we offer.

Digital skills for managers

It is important we enable our managers to develop their skills in an ever changing digital world, especially with our work patterns changing. We need to:

  • create a framework of essential skills for managers to allow them to manage differently
  • understand the benefits of agile project management
  • focus on and embrace new technology, such as the move to Microsoft 365
  • effectively overcome challenges when managing staff working in a blended way

The digital skills for managers courses we currently offer are available via our course finder.

Digital leadership

To continue evolving and changing through our digital transformation journey we need to:

  • be led by passionate, adaptive and digitally minded people
  • provide support and guidance for our supervisors, managers, leaders and aspiring leaders
  • understand what being a digital leader means
  • use digital skills alongside agile project management methods, workforce planning tools and using our data

The digital skills training we offer is available over the next few months and can be accessed via our course finder. Our leadership package is currently being developed and will be available shortly.

Programme roadmap

Managing the digital programme

There are 5 key stages of the programme delivery.
Cabinet approval

The digital strategy is being be taken to the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 12 October for sign off.

Strategy launch

The strategy will be launched during October, following Cabinet approval.

Product shaping

This stage will start in September and continue through to the end of December. We will work with service areas to:

  • agree proposals to modernise and improve some of their services
  • identify possible savings so that they can concentrate their efforts in other priority areas

If you have any ideas for modernising services, contact us via the form below.


From January 2022 we will consider all the proposals that have been agreed and prioritise our first areas of work. This will be based on several factors including:

  • savings for the council
  • impact on an improved customer journey
  • time taken to implement the new process

We will start to deliver these agreed proposals from January 2022 onwards. To deliver the programme of work we will be using new methods of work such as hothousing and agile techniques.

Programme news

Digital strategy introduction
ERYC Chief Executive, Caroline Lacey
Caroline Lacey
Chief Executive

Key topic areas:

  • opportunities from improving digital services
  • how the council can exploit these digital opportunities
  • how digital can benefit our workforce
  • how digital will change how the organisation behaves
Latest blog

Digital champions

Who are the digital champions?

Champions are staff that have at least a basic understanding of how to do simple digital tasks and have the willingness and patience to help others learn in the workplace. They are volunteers from across service areas.

What do champions do?

Champions are available to support their colleagues:

  • learn new digital skills
  • gain digital confidence
  • overcome barriers to become digitally active
  • with simple tasks such as how to:
    • access a digital payslip
    • book leave
    • set up a personal email account
    • access online learning opportunities

This includes supporting our staff that don't use a computer during their daily work, so that they are not digitally excluded both in the workplace and to give them more confidence using technology in their personal lives.

What training does a champion receive?

We are developing some 'train the trainer' training to provide our champions with the resources, approaches and skills they can use during their role as a champion to help other members of staff.

How can I contact a digital champion?

We are currently recruiting our digital champions. Once we have our first batch in place, we'll let you know who they are and how you can contact them.

Interested in becoming a digital champion?

We'd love you to get involved and sign up to become one of our champions.

Want to know more?

Our dedicated Digital East Riding website provides more information including further details about the external themes of the programme - digital place and digital customer.
You can also contact us with any questions or ideas you have for how we can modernise our services by filling in the form below.

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