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Integrated housing solution

A review of the systems used to support the operation of housing services was recently undertaken. It was decided that Academy, the current housing system, would need to be replaced in order to meet the council's current requirements and future expectations.

Our project team was formed to find a suitable replacement and implement the system at the council.

In winter 2019, Active H, a customer relationship management application used for all aspects of housing, maintenance and tenancy management was chosen.

About Active H

Key features

Active H gives us the ability to:

  • simplify and streamline many of the tasks currently being undertaken
  • update, amend and create new tasks while at customers' homes. This will help to speed up certain tasks and improve data accuracy
  • view all data in one unified database

For our customers this will mean:

  • a new online customer portal
  • improved access to their account to update their details
  • an easier process to log any repairs they require

The Active H software also offers more functionality than Academy and we will be exploring this in phase 2 of the project. We'll tell you more about this nearer the time.

Launch dates

Active H has 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 is to migrate all Academy tasks to Active H, including rent management, lettings and reactive maintenance. The launch is expected early 2021.
  • Phase 2 is to explore the full range of housing solutions that the Active H software offers, and introduce support to the wider team and service areas. The launch is expected in 2022.

All members of staff that currently use Academy will be trained to use Active H.

We are currently developing a 2 part training plan. Each part of the training will coincide with the launch phases.

Training is expected to take place around 6 weeks before each launch.

We will also provide extra training support once each phase has been launched.


Why are we replacing Academy?

The software provider has stopped supporting Academy, our current housing system.

This means it is no longer being developed and we could not ask for any help with the product if we continued to use it.

Is Active H provided by the same organisation as Academy?

No, Active H is developed by MIS AMS Ltd - one of the leading software providers of housing management applications.

MIS AMS Ltd have worked with a number of prominent local authorities and housing associations across the UK to transform their housing management services.

How was Active H chosen as the new housing management application?

We carried out a thorough procurement process and invited a selection of market leading software developers to tender.

Representatives, selected from multiple areas of the council, decided that Active H provided the best software solution to meet the council's current requirements and future expectations.

Will I be able to use Active H in the same way I use Academy?

Active H does everything Academy can and much more.

It will simplify the way you work and enable you to get more out of the system. This offers housing management capabilities that we have never had before.

Can I use Active H while I am working in the field?

Initially Active H will only be available via the council network. However a mobile app is expected to be launched during the second phase of this project.

This app will allow you to access the Active H dashboard to view work orders, update customer details and any other related information while you are on site with a customer.


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