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Phase 2 - Office 365

Phase 2 of the move to Microsoft 365 has now been completed.

You have now had Office 365 installed on your machine, to replace either Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016.

This means that you now have an updated version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access available to use. You also have the client version of Outlook, providing greater functionality than the web version you were moved to during phase 1 of the rollout. However, you can continue to use the web version, if you'd prefer.

As well as everyone across the council having the same version of Office for the first time, you can also:

  • collaborate online with others in real time
  • edit and view changes to shared documents at the same time as your colleagues, who have the correct permissions
  • share documents easier by sending a link rather than an attachment
  • save files to OneDrive cloud storage so you can access files and make updates more quickly

Office guidance and support

Will you help me learn how to use the new version of Office 365?

The majority of the new system is similar to the previous version you had, along with some new features. You can access help and support for the different products via the Microsoft support website links below.

Word help and learning

Excel help and learning

PowerPoint help and learning

Access help and learning

Outlook help and learning

Are the custom templates I set up in Office 2013 or 2016 available in Office 365?

Yes, they are available but not by default. You will need to open each Office program and follow the instructions on the Microsoft support website. You only need to do this once for each program.

Microsoft support - custom templates

How do I create a new template?

If you regularly create the same type of document such as a monthly report or presentation with a particular layout and design, you can create a standard template so it is set up for future use.

Microsoft support - create a template

About OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage service allowing you to store your files securely in one location, that you can access from anywhere, at any time.

You can start something on one device and pick it up on another, giving you the flexibility to work on a document, wherever you are working from. This means you can avoid generating multiple copies of the same document.

It is also much easier to collaborate and share files as you control who has access to them and can send links to individuals with permission to edit or view specific files. Therefore, you can avoid sending large documents via email and keep one up to date version of the document.

You can also sync files between your computer and the cloud, so you can get to your file from anywhere. If you amend, move or delete a file on your computer, the same will happen with the file on the cloud version accessed by the OneDrive website and vice versa. This means there will only be one version of the document that everyone with permissions can access and view.

OneDrive guidance and support

Is there a set time period that my files and folders can be stored on OneDrive?

Yes, files can currently be stored on OneDrive for 7 years from the date the document was last modified.

If you need some documents for longer, then the best place to store them at the moment is on a network drive or an application or system already used by your team.

These timescales may be amended in the future and we'll keep you informed of any changes to our policies about this.

How do I save a file to OneDrive?

This can be done through your web browser or in your Office apps. How to do this is explained on the Microsoft support website.

Microsoft support - upload and save files and folders

How can I share OneDrive files and folders?

You have a variery of ways to share files and folders, with the option to allow anyone to view or edit them or restrict access to certain individuals. You can also amend, add and remove permissions at any time.

Microsoft support - share files and folders

How do I collaborate using OneDrive?

You can share files with your colleagues so that they can edit, comment or view a document. OneDrive offers real time collaboration allowing more than one person to edit or comment on a document at the same time.

Microsoft support - collaborate in OneDrive

How do I sync files on my computer with OneDrive?

You can find out how to sync your files between your computer and the cloud by following the video and instructions provided on the Microsoft support website.

Microsoft support - sync files

Where can I access online training about OneDrive?

Microsoft provide a variety of training videos specifically about OneDrive. You can watch these in your own time to learn how you can use OneDrive more effectively.

Microsoft support - OneDrive video training

Is there any further support and information I can access about OneDrive?

Yes, a quick start guide has been produced that gives you an overview and guidance of the basics that OneDrive offers.

Download OneDrive quick start guide

Like the other Office 365 programmes, Microsoft offer a dedicated section of help and support about OneDrive.

Microsoft support - OneDrive help and learning

Your Office 365 question not answered?

If you have a question that isn't answered above, you may find the answer on the Microsoft support website.

We may add more questions to the page, now Office 365 has been rolled out, that we think are useful for staff to know. Please keep checking back for more updates.


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