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Phase 1 - Outlook email

The first phase of the move to Microsoft 365 has now been completed.

We have now moved all staff and shared inboxes from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook including any folders and archives you previously had in Lotus Notes.

Using Outlook

Many of you may use Outlook email at home. If you haven't and you are using Outlook for the first time following the migration, there is lots of support available to you.

Here are some answers to common questions you may be asking.

Guidance and support

Will you help me learn how to use Outlook?

During and just after your migration to Outlook you had access to a learning portal to support you to use Outlook. The learning portal will be available again after phase 3 of the project.

You can access lots of guidance and help on the Microsoft support website.

How do I access shared mailboxes in Outlook?

There are a number of ways to open and add a shared mailbox. These instructions are available on the Microsoft support - open and use a shared mailbox page.

Are the contacts I had set up in Lotus Notes available in Outlook?

Yes, all personal contact lists that you had set up in Lotus Notes should now have transferred to Outlook.

How do I set up a new email signature?

We have created a set of instructions on the ICT Customer Portal - creating an email signature page which shows you how to set this up in Outlook.

How do I prevent a data protection breach and improve records management?

It is important you follow the guidance detailed in the document below to avoid possible data protection breaches and to improve records management in relation to Outlook. The document includes guidance on:

  • email retention
  • setting up meetings and adding attendees
  • display of calendar entries
  • protective marking of emails

How to prevent data protection breaches and improve records management guidance

Calendars and meetings

Can I create a Teams meeting invite from Outlook?

Yes, when you are creating your meeting invite there is an option to select Teams meeting rather than selecting a meeting room. A Microsoft Teams link will be added to the invite you send. Follow the instructions on our Set up a virtual meetingpage.

Corporate and personal devices

Will I still be able to access emails on my corporate iPhone or iPad?

Yes, now you have been moved to Outlook, you can use the Outlook app installed on your corporate iPhone or iPad.

You will need to set this up by entering your email address and Windows/network password on the Outlook app to access your emails.

Will I be able to use Outlook on my personal device?

Yes, we will provide you with further guidance shortly.

Your Outlook question not answered?

If you have a question that isn't answered above, you may find the answer on the Microsoft support website.

We may add more questions to the page if we receive questions that we think are useful for all staff to know. Please keep checking back for more updates.


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