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Over the years the intranet has grown into a minefield of information, with over 3,500 pages and over 35k documents. A review in 2018 showed the intranet was full of out of date information, duplicated and conflicting documents, empty pages and a search engine so overloaded it simply didn't work.

This project aims to transform the intranet so it not only meets the business needs of the council, but also becomes an invaluable resource for the people who use it, you!

A central point for information and activity that makes work easier
The place that connects colleagues and builds culture
Content rich, current and trustworthy
Provides an excellent user experience, focused on accessibility

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Digital online user group (DOUG)

Why you should get involved

We have many ideas on how to make the websites and digital platforms used at the council better, however like with any product, its success is measured by the customers who want to use it.

This is where you come in. As our customers, we need to know what you think (good or bad) of the changes we make and new features we build!

By getting feedback on your experience of using the digital products we create we can make sure that they are usable, meet expectations and fulfil a need.

What you'll be expected to do

As we work our way through our digital projects we'll need varying amounts of feedback. Sometimes we'll just ask you to answer a quick poll, other times we'll ask you to get involved in some user testing.

You can decide how you want to participate and how much you get involved. We consider any feedback is better than none!

Interested in joining the digital online user group?

We just need you to answer a few questions so we know how to contact you and how you want to get involved.

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