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Mon, 06 Jan 2020

Happy New Year! We’ve all had a nice break so we’re well rested and ready to get busy again on the intranet project.

In our last blog, we mentioned that we’d been working on two new staff policy directories – one for corporate staff policies and one for school staff policies. These are now available for you to use.

At the moment we’ve just added the HR policies to them, but we intend to add all the other staff-related policies in due course.

We’ve also got lots of other improvements planned for future releases of the policy directories.


Why are we doing it?

Through our own experiences and the feedback we’ve received, we know how hard it was to find a policy on the intranet. An intranet survey revealed that 63% of respondents had been unable to find the HR policy they were looking for, and comments included “impossible to find”, “out of date” and “often find two different versions”.

Our research has shown us there are a number of reasons for this, such as missing search terms, different versions of HR policies being uploaded to multiple intranet pages or sections, and old versions remaining on the site. 


What’s the plan?

We have a number of actions we plan to take to make it easier for you to access staff policies and procedures on the intranet, these include:


All policies in one place

The new policies directories for corporate staff and school staff are just the first step and should be your first point of call when looking for a HR policy. You can now be confident that these policies are the most up to date version.

We’ve started clearing out other versions of HR policies found on the intranet, so duplicates should be reducing. We’re also removing all staff policies from the main search results, and instead we’ve created a dedicated search within the policy directories (more about this below). There’s still a bit more tidying up work to do, so if you spot any staff policies that we haven’t found yet, please let us know. You can use the feedback tool at the bottom of the page or email us at intranet@eastriding.gov.uk


No need to log in

As we have built these directories on the new intranet, like all new pages, they can now be viewed by anyone who has a link to the intranet. This means you no longer need to be on a networked computer or login to access them.


Dedicated policy search

As mentioned above, once you are on the policy directory page, you can use the dedicated search to look for the policy you require without other pages on the intranet being returned. This is a new feature, so we may not have added all the search terms you may use just yet but we’ll continue making improvements for the next couple of weeks. Please let us know if a search term you have tried hasn’t worked and we’ll add it. You can use the feedback tool at the bottom of the page or email us at intranet@eastriding.gov.uk


Other staff-related policies

The next step is to start adding other policies for corporate staff or schools. If you maintain any of these policies, please get in touch with the intranet redesign team at intranet@eastriding.gov.uk so we can work with you to get them put into our new directory.


Policies overviews

We’re also planning to create quick view versions of the most used staff policies. This means you’ll be able to see if it is the one you need and find out the main facts without having to open and digest the full policy. 


Other policies 

Finally, we’ll look at the other policies held on the intranet, such as general policies that are also held on the corporate website, and find the best way for you to access this information.


Other news...

MyInsight homepage – We’ve now removed this page from the intranet. All links previously on this page are available from the new homepage and/or the intranet search.

Bookmarks – If you used the intranet bookmarking facility, this functionality was removed when the MyInsight page was closed down. We created some instructions to show you how to use the bookmark facility on your preferred internet browser.

Accessibility – We understand how important it is to be ‘inclusive’ and make sure the intranet is available to everyone who needs to access it, no matter how they access it and this is what we are striving towards as part of our redesign. But it’s also important in any form of communication with customers or each other, so please take a look at our new accessibility guidance so you are aware of the latest legislation.

The Grapevine – We’ve moved all the back issues into the new directory so you can now access them all in one place.

Up next…

While we’ll be concentrating our efforts on the improvements to the policies directories mentioned above, we’ll also be working on:

  • more tweaks to the search based on your feedback
  • creating a corporate projects page template so project teams can share information about the projects they are working on. We intend to road test this first with our intranet project
  • drawing up a migration plan. This will decide which of the 3,500 pages on the current intranet move over to the new intranet and how they will be displayed. Are they just a regular content page? Should they be part of a directory? Or do we need to design something bespoke for them. This is a big project so we plan to run it alongside the main redesign/development projects.


Your feedback

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know if these changes are making a difference – good or bad.

There’s a quick poll on the homepage of the intranet, or to provide a more detailed response, you can use the feedback tool at the bottom of the page or email us at intranet@eastriding.gov.uk

 Sarah Winch, senior web analyst


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