Ukraine and cyber security update
Fri, 11 Mar 2022

As tensions in and around Ukraine continue to escalate, we advise all staff to remain vigilant and review their cyber arrangements at council locations or if working from home.

Fraudulent emails relating to Ukraine  

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has unsurprisingly seen a surge in fraudulent emails attempting to trick people wanting to donate to the Ukrainian cause. 

Cyber security image 1-2

Cyber security image 2-2

Unfortunately, these unscrupulous cyber criminals are creating fake fundraising campaigns which include various websites (see above images), phishing emails, posts on social media platforms and even basic "begging" emails sent indiscriminately to inboxes across the globe.

The council is therefore reminding staff to be extra vigilant and to also protect its IT infrastructure and data from Ukraine-related cyber criminals.  

Ongoing Cyber security staff awareness within East Riding  

Staff are reminded that they need to ensure they have completed the mandated ICT cyber security awareness course within their own eLearn account. It can be accessed via the Learning Point on the intranet (see below).

Cyber security image 3
This course reinforces the common tools and techniques which can be utilised to spot and avoid falling for fraudulent attempts such as these.  

The ICT Security team, with the support of the council's senior leaders, will also re-launch the previously successful 'dummy' or 'honeypot' emails campaign.

Varying emails will be sent on a random basis to all users, including attempts at phishing, encouraging recipients to click on links, and other techniques to steal their credentials.

This ongoing campaign is intended to test the understanding and knowledge of staff. If you do click on one of these emails, you should expect advice to follow as to how to avoid falling into these traps for real and how to spot such emails.  


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