World Social Work Day 2022
Tue, 15 Mar 2022

Today is World Social Work Day 2022 and the council would like to pay thanks to its social workers who continue to work tirelessly to support children, young people and adults every day in the East Riding.

World Social Work Day is a celebration that aims to highlight the achievements of social work, to raise the visibility of social services for the future of societies, and to defend social justice and human rights. 

Every year, World Social Work Day is celebrated on the third Tuesday in March and is a celebration that has become a highpoint in the social work calendar with social workers all over the world celebrating and promoting the contributions of the profession to individuals, families, communities and wider society.

This year's theme is ´Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind´ and coincides with the theme of the people´s summit that will take place from 29 June to 2 July.

The theme presents a vision and action plan to create new global values, policies and practices that develop trust, security and confidence for all people and the sustainability of the planet. 

Hollie Troughton, principal children and families social worker, said: "World Social Work Day is about celebrating and recognising all the great work that social workers do for individuals, families and communities across the world.

"We are really proud of what our children and families social workers achieve here in the East Riding and we are thankful that they are all part of our East Riding family."

Hannah Feeney, principal adults services social worker, said: "Social workers in adult social care make a significant contribution to the lives of people and their families when they need care and support.

"We are hugely proud of the social workers that work tirelessly in our adult services to achieve the very best outcomes with the people and families they work with.

"World Social Work Day is a chance for us to acknowledge and celebrate the difference that good social work can make to the lives of people who experience challenging life circumstances and change."

Tonight a virtual award ceremony will take place to recognise and celebrate social work across the life course for children and adults in the East Riding.

As we celebrate social work in the East Riding our thoughts are with colleagues across the health, social care and voluntary sector in Ukraine, and the people who are tirelessly protecting the lives of others, and we recognise their fight to deal with the humanitarian impact of war during these distressing and unbearable times.

Pictures from the awards ceremony will be available to see by visiting the April edition of The Grapevine.

For more information about the people's global summit and making contributions visit https://newecosocialworld.com/ and to learn more about the history of World Social Work Day visit https://www.ifsw.org/history-world-social-work-day/

For information on how to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee and to view details of what the council is doing to support Ukraine, visit https://www.eastriding.gov.uk/living/support-for-ukraine/


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