The Digital Understanding Staff Survey - a reminder to share your thoughts on digital
Tue, 05 Apr 2022

Staff have recently been introduced to the council's exciting new digital strategy and, in March, were asked to take part in the Digital Understanding staff survey, designed for all network and non-network staff.

For those yet to complete the online survey, there is still a great opportunity to help develop an understanding of how staff feel about digital and how digital we are within the council.

Staff will have a chance to express their views on many issues, including some of the following:

  • Where do staff feel the council is today as a digital place of work
  • How well do staff feel they are supported digitally
  • How much do staff know about digital change
  • How easy/difficult is it for staff to suggest ideas about anything related to digital
  • How well do we serve our customers in a digital way.

The survey can be completed anonymously, and the answers staff give will not be linked to them specifically.

Participation in this survey is encouraged and the answers provided will be used to form future digital communications, levels of support, digital skills training and digital change priority areas.

The survey will be repeated annually to understand if the changes the council are making are improving the way staff feel about digital change and can effectively measure the differences and show where staff feedback has been acted upon.

To staff that have already completed the survey, and for those who are yet to, the digital management office would like to thank you in advance. Staff views are key to a digital future we can help create together.

The survey can be completed here.


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