Health and wellbeing Intranet site and new performance reviews launched to support staff
Tue, 19 Apr 2022

In previous consultations, team members and managers explained it was hard to know what was available to support wellbeing and how to find it. With this is mind, a new health and wellbeing intranet site has been launched to bring together support and resources, providing a one stop shop for our staff.

The health and wellbeing site also provides the opportunity for employees to get involved in supporting others for example through becoming a health and wellbeing champion, joining a staff network or suggesting new ideas to improve health and wellbeing. And best of all, you can access the site at any time without needing to log in.

Secondly a new framework for completing employee reviews has been launched. The performance reviews replace employee development reviews, sometimes referred to as EDRs.

The process for the new performance reviews consists of two elements:

  • They provide the opportunity to discuss with your manager the work you do (and the behaviours needed to achieve this), how this links to service goals and objectives, along with any upcoming changes and support needed. During a performance review, with your manager, you will look back over the last performance period and look forward: future plans and objectives
  • Check-ins are also being introduced as you also told us you would value more regular conversations with your manager about your wellbeing and changes that may affect you, as well as feedback on your performance (what has gone well and what could be improved). These check-ins are regular meetings with your manager, they support the performance review through regular updates to discuss progress and provides you with the opportunity to discuss your wellbeing, learning and future aspirations.

Please note, those staff who currently use eStars for their EDR will continue to do so, but you will notice the change of title to Performance Review and that conversations about wellbeing feature much earlier. The date of your review will be exported into iTrent for reporting purposes.

What is different?

  • Wellbeing will be a key focus: the new wellbeing website brings together all of the council's resources in one easily accessible place.
  • The performance reviews will focus on personal objectives as well as council priorities.
  • Performance review objectives and commentary will be recorded on iTrent by your manager.
  • You will be able to view your performance review on ESS.
  • Performance reviews will take place between April and June each year.
  • There is a requirement to have regular check ins with your manager so they can support your wellbeing, learning and keep you updated on changes.

What do you need to do?

  • Have a look on the new health and wellbeing intranet site - Health and Wellbeing site
  • Ask your manager when your performance review is planned.
  • Agree dates for your check ins.
  • Review the guidance - https://eryc.link/ct1 - and familiarise yourself with the new process so you can make the most of your time with your manager

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