Spotlight on FindTime - arranging meetings quickly, collaboratively, and effectively through Outlook
Thu, 19 May 2022

Staff may often find themselves arranging a meeting date with a number of colleagues - both council or external ones - whose schedules they're unclear about. This can become an intricate task involving a lot of communicating. 

However, if they pick a FindTime meeting poll instead - a new feature within Outlook - that task can become much easier, with meetings arranged more efficiently.


FindTime will appear on staff Outlook accounts, in both desktop and web versions, in the next few days, and it can be navigated with ease.

Via new messages and replies, invited meeting participants' calendars will show up when FindTime is used, giving staff a great idea of when's best to book a meeting.

Not only that, but it can also be used as a great way to set up meetings with colleagues/partners in external organisations, without spending the time enquiring about, or being unable to view, their organisation's works calendars.

Here's a bit about how FindTime works.

FindTime can be found on the top menu bar of a new or received email (see example below on a new desktop email).


On the web version of Outlook, it can be found when a new message is created and the ellipsis are selected, then choosing the FindTime option (see below).


Find the time with colleagues

In the new email, start the meeting process (if you are the organiser) by adding the staff members into the To field of the email.

Then, select New Meeting poll from the task bar. A side bar screen will then appear which shows the availability of the staff members included in the To field of the email.

From here, you can choose the suggested date(s) of the meeting and with it will appear times of that particular date, along with confirmation of all members' availability. (The green and red figures show which staff member it is who is available and who is not. You can also select Time, which shows availability throughout the working day of the date chosen.)


You can pick and choose a multiple amount of dates and times when all colleagues are available. Select them and then on the next screen (see below), add the meeting location, check the poll settings, then select Add to email.


Responding to the FindTime meeting poll

The FindTime schedule checker may show up all green staff members' availability, however some staff might not be able to make the suggested times on the email invitation.

When receiving the meeting poll, everyone invited can have a vote on their preferred suggested date and time.

Simply open the voting page and select Select options, then choose your name from the poll after you have verified your East Riding of Yorkshire Council account details by signing in.

In the pop-up window, select Prefer, Yes (it is a good time) or No (it is not a good time) on all the dates and times sent and then Submit (see below).  


Once the poll choices have been made by all, the meeting organiser can then select the perfect time to meet based on how everyone has voted.

This guide can also be found in the ICT Customer Portal by clicking How Do I on the home screen and searching the knowledge base for FindTime.

For more information about FindTime, and how it can work best for you, visit here.  


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