Creating diagrams and flowcharts using Visio on the web
Tue, 17 May 2022

Visio is a brand-new opportunity for staff yet to have the chance to create and edit complex diagrams or flowcharts that can then be shared in meetings, used to assist in projects, distributed to teams or services, or used for individual pieces of work. 

Visio comes as part of Microsoft 365 and can be navigated via the web browser.

They can come in a varied range of templates suitable for many council projects scenarios. They include basic flow charts, block diagrams, process diagrams, organisation charts or Venn diagrams.

They can also be created from scratch, meaning staff can get creative on their work projects.

Below are a few examples of the templates.


When the Home button is selected, you can choose a range of templates from the subsequent menu bar, or alternatively choose More templates to see other examples (see below).

Image 1-44


By selecting More templates, you can view a diagram or flowchart that suits you. There are many to choose from, including Organisation Chart, where, for example, there is a HR organisation chart (see below).

Image 2-33

To start one, hit Create and a new template can be made. There is a selection of Shapes for the chart in the left-hand side task bar (see below).

Image 3-25

Here, an array of shapes to create and edit can be found (see below).

Image 4-16

Visio allows the diagrams and flowcharts to be shared on OneDrive for colleagues to collaborate on or add comments.

To find Visio on the web, go to the App Launcher icon at the top left-hand corner of your Office 365 East Riding of Yorkshire Council account and look for the Visio icon (see below).

Image 5-17

This guide can also be found in the ICT Customer Portal by clicking How Do I on the home screen and searching the knowledge base for Visio on the web.

For more tips on how to get the best out of Visio, visit here


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