Performance reviews to be completed by end of June
Wed, 18 May 2022

In April the council introduced performance reviews which replace Employee Development Reviews (EDRs).

The new performance reviews provide you with the opportunity to discuss with your manager the work you do and to talk about what has been achieved, and what if anything could be improved.

It also gives you the opportunity to agree objectives for the next year so it is clear what your focus will be. Also, if you want or need any training and support (including wellbeing) you should discuss this in your performance review.

A record of the conversation and agreed actions will be uploaded through the iTrent system by your manager.  This will be available for you to review through ESS.

All performance reviews should be completed by the end of June, if your manager has not already booked time with you, please talk to them and agree a time for your discussion.

Please note, staff who currently use eStars for their EDR will continue to do so. You will notice the change of title to performance review and that conversations about wellbeing feature much earlier. The date of your review will be exported into iTrent for reporting purposes. 

For more information visit the Intranet: https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/health-and-wellbeing/performance-reviews-check-ins/


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