New learning opportunities for managers and leaders at the council
Wed, 25 May 2022

 "There is almost no limit to the potential of an organisation that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them" - John Mawell

That's why the Learning, Skills and Workforce Development team have launched a range of new learning opportunities for current and future leaders.

Essential Skills for East Riding Managers does what is says on the tin!  It's a collection of all the things that we need to know to help us manage and lead effectively at the Council.  These short learning opportunities, delivered in a variety of ways will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need, from recruitment and selection, to performance management, procurement awareness, managing attendance and much more. 

There are also many choices for those who are working towards their first management or leadership role, these learning opportunities such as organising and delegating,  Understanding leadership, leading and motivating a team can be completed as part of your preparation for applying for your next post. 

Leadership fundamentals replaces the Introduction to Leadership in Practice (ILP) programme. Delivered over a period of six months, this opportunity is for newly appointed leaders as well as those for whom leadership is their next career goal. 

On this programme you will discover your PRINT profile, learn how to operate in best self (when you are at your most productive), recognise when you or those you lead are in shadow self (when you are at your least productive), understand why knowing the questions to ask is more important than having all the answers and discover how to be a reflective and authentic leader. 

As a delegate of the fundamentals programme you will be sponsored by your line manger, have a project that you will work on in order to practice your skills and will learn the theory of leadership. If you are in a leadership role already, you will be able to practice your new found skills. If you are not, we will provide you with a range of scenarios to help you practice.  

Leadership in Practice is for those who have been in a management or leadership role for some time and have their sights on senior leadership positions.  This replaces the Certificate in Leadership Studies (CLS) and is delivered over 12 months.

If you have not already discovered your PRINT profile you will do so and you will learn more about how to use this as an effective communication and team building tool.  You will explore how to improve outcomes when we move from a 'trust when' model to a 'trust until' model and how to embrace diversity, manage risk and provide individualised support to enable those around you to succeed as opposed to micro-managing and directing what should be done.  As a delegate of the 'In practice' programme you will choose your project sponsor after listening to the project pitches. These will be cross-organisational projects that enable you to put your skills to the test. 

Both of the above programmes will deliver leadership theories through the context of 'the way we do things in the East Riding. Instead of writing essays, you will complete briefing papers, construct SMT / CMT reports and prepare and deliver presentations. These programmes will give you the opportunity to work on real projects, many of which will be cross-organisational.

Leadership in the Spotlight is designed to support senior leaders to reflect on their extensive leadership experience and consider the skills that they will need to confidently and successfully lead the council into the future.  You will attend sessions and take part in reflective practice workshops to identify your own skills gaps, have the opportunity to take part in coaching sessions and consider the role you play in building on our current reputation as a leading council and providing stability through resilience, reliability and efficiency.

We recognise, however, that for some a nationally recognised accredited programme is preferable and this is why in addition to all of the above we will, over the course of the next few months, be reviewing our Leadership and Management apprenticeship provision.

These apprenticeships are available from Levels 3 (A level standard) to 7 (Masters degree level) and offer an excellent opportunity to study leadership theory. The range of courses offered through the Essential Skills for East Riding Managers can be used effectively to support your 'off-the-job' training aspect and support will be on hand from our Workforce Development team.

You can find out more about all of these opportunities via the course booking system. If you would like to discuss your options first, please email eryctraining.support@eastriding.gov.uk and a member of the team will get back to you.


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