Pensions re-enrolment
Thu, 16 Jun 2022

Auto-enrolment regulations require employers to enrol workers who are not in an occupational pension scheme every three years when they meet certain earning thresholds. The council's re-enrolment date is 1 July 2022.

Following payroll closedown for June 2022, the assessment will be undertaken and workers who meet the criteria below will be put into a pension scheme:

* Previously had an automatic enrolment date whilst employed by that employer

* opted out or otherwise chosen to leave a qualifying pension scheme more than 12 months before the re-enrolment date

* who are eligible jobholders on the employer's re-enrolment date.

An eligible jobholder is someone who:

  • earns over £10,000 a year (or pro-rata per pay period)
  • is 22 or over
  • is under state pension age

Workers in the 50/50 section of the LGPS will also be enrolled into the main section of the scheme:

Affected employees will be written to confirm they have been enrolled and what their options are further information is included in the grapevine.

Deductions will be made in July salaries. Refunds will be made on the contributions should any opt out forms be received within three months of the re-enrolment date.


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