Domestic violence and abuse policy updated
Thu, 07 Jul 2022

The council's Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy has been reviewed and updated to include separate supporting guidelines and amended to make the policy more user friendly and accessible.

It includes a section on the signs to look out for to indicate that someone may be experiencing difficulties. The council recognises that domestic violence and abuse is a serious social and criminal issue that can lead to significant human and financial consequences for employees, families, communities, and organisations.

Domestic violence is always unacceptable and therefore, the council has a role in minimising the risk of abuse in the workplace and ensure it is supportive of those employees experiencing domestic abuse.

If an employee is the perpetrator of domestic abuse this will be fully investigated which may lead to disciplinary action.

To find the updated Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy and Guidelines, visit: https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/staffpolicies/corporate-policies/

What support is available in the workplace?

Health and wellbeing champions are available to support their colleagues in the workplace with health and wellbeing issues, such as mental health, fitness and domestic abuse but are not experts in these fields.

Their role is to listen and support others to make positive lifestyle changes so they can maintain a good standard of wellbeing and live healthier lives. They can also signpost employees to relevant information and specialist support.

There are over 100 health and wellbeing champions from a range of service areas across the council. A full list of health and wellbeing champions at the council can be found here: https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/healthand-wellbeing/ health-champions/

In addition, expert advice and support can be sought from the Domestic Violence and Abuse Partnership by calling (01482) 396368 or you can access the online web page via the East Riding website.

The team will work with staff so that they don't face domestic abuse alone and to help make the situation safer for them.

The Live Well Work Well service is also a point of contact for support. Please email livewellworkwell@eastriding.gov.uk.


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