Total Pay and Reward update
Thu, 07 Jul 2022

We have now embarked on a programme of Total Pay and Reward, as part of the ambitions within our People Strategy, to support recruitment and retention of staff, and to ensure that our organisation is fit for the future as we respond to new and emerging demands.

Programme outcomes

This programme is complex in nature and is focused on delivering several outcomes which

  • meet future challenges in the workplace
  • recruit, retain and motivate staff, providing career pathway opportunities
  • means we continue to pay the right wage for roles undertaken
  • live up to our ambition of having a modern workforce in a modern workplace
  • continue to deliver high quality services to our residents, businesses, and communities.

Understanding your working conditions survey

A key task early in this process is to establish a good understanding of the context in which our staff work. The council already holds a lot of detail about the roles which staff undertake however this information will add to the level of information about working context and will support the development of our new role profiles. 

The survey allows staff in scope of the programme to share key aspects of the demands of their role or roles, including:

  • physical - walking, lifting, pushing, and pulling, in cramped or uncomfortable positions
  • environmental - noise, temperature, dust, and environmental hazards
  • mental - maintaining concentration and composure, operating equipment
  • emotional - traumatic circumstances and events, confrontation from others and possible personal threats.

Take part in the survey here: https://eryc.link/yourjob

The survey closes on Wednesday, 20 July and takes around 45 minutes to complete but can be saved and completed over a number of sessions.

If a job role is the same or similar to many colleagues, staff can complete a shared response. Staff should speak to their manager about this.

Completion of this survey is not mandatory, but we would encourage all staff in scope to take part as it provides a great opportunity to engage in the process and development of our profiles.

Follow the employee guidance document below to help complete the survey.

Employee guidance - staff survey

What this means for staff and their role

This new approach to pay and reward is designed to respond to the issues staff have raised and bring real positive benefits.

The council knows its staff are highly skilled and motivated and appreciate the feedback staff have given over the last few years through various consultations, meetings and events.

Benefits for staff and their colleagues:

  • have effective pay and development structures in place
  • provide development and progression opportunities to keep their skills and knowledge at the council
  • help to achieve personal aspirations
  • new agile ways of working to suit staff needs (dependent on service requirements)
  • recruit skilled staff that will benefit the team.

Benefits for the wider council:

  • retain a skilled workforce to meet the council's vision and values - 'Your East Riding... where everyone matters'
  • benchmarking staff pay levels to help tackle issues around being more competitive when recruiting new staff, to attract a more diverse talent base
  • best placed to tackle future workplace challenges
  • undertaking an 'organisational analysis' of the council with a view to designing a modern organisation fit for the future that will ensure delivery on council priorities
  • an improved and validated design of the organisation and the linkages with the organisational design aspects of the people strategy.

Guidance and further information to assist you with Total Pay and Reward is available on the intranet.


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