Council Customer Service Network to end internal cash and banking from October
Wed, 03 Aug 2022

Major changes are coming to the council's Customer Service Network (CSN), now operated through Customer Service Centres and Multi-Service Centres, which will see the end of a range of services, and new alternatives provided. 

The Corporate Business Change Team were commissioned to review cash and payments at the CSN. 

The review identified that internal departmental banking, petty cash, change and float requests had already stopped at Bridlington and Goole, and had significantly reduced at Beverley. 

The Access East Riding Board approved an end to internal banking, petty cash, banking returns, change and float requests via the CSN, whilst ensuring that services which use the CSN for cash and banking are supported in the transition to alternatives. 

Services which will end at all customer service and multi service centres:

  • Reclaiming petty cash   
  • Ad hoc and bulk cash and coin orders   
  • Requests to amend floats   
  • Requests for new/temporary floats   
  • Banking deposits (bagged or unbagged). 

Alternatives to be introduced... 

Petty Cash: 

Cash and coin orders (small): 

Cash and coin orders (bulk): 

Amend existing floats: 

Request a new float: 

Cash banking, including counted and sealed bags: 

Manual banking to e-return banking system: 

  • All services and schools not currently on e-returns will be transitioned to this electronic system 
  • Contact: cashiers.admin@eastriding.gov.uk 
  • Cashiers Admin will be in touch to progress in the next few weeks. 

The CSN will no longer support these services from 30 September, 2022. 

These changes will formalise the temporary measures which were implemented during the lockdowns caused by the pandemic, and which were well received. 

Most of these changes have already been implemented. 

Only a few services and schools now use the CSN, because using Post Offices and NatWest branches offers more choice, better availability, and a more local service. 

There is also a reduced security risk in terms of transporting and handling cash. 

An intranet page will be set up in the near future to provide further guidance and information - when this is available it will be communicated by the managers' briefings. 

*G4S are the current provider of the security of cash in transit contract but this may be subject to change in the future dependent on the outcome of any future reprocurement of this contract. 


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