Housekeeping time for your P-drive
Mon, 08 Aug 2022

Over the coming weeks, staff are encouraged to review the content of their personal P-drives.

It is the council's intention to gradually phase out the use of P-drives and migrate users to OneDrive. An article published in the June edition of the Grapevine offered a valuable insight to the greater flexibility and collaboration options offered by OneDrive.

The most important things to remember are:

  • the data in your P-drive and OneDrive is linked to you, and you are responsible for the information within it
  • your P drive should only be used to store documents and information that are personal and confidential to you
  • your P-drive should not be used to store client files, archived documents relating to service work, personal photos, music or video, databases or websites and associated backup
  • shared network drives and/or system of record remain the best place for data that needs to be stored for long periods of time and should not be linked to an individual.

When reviewing data stored on your P drive, staff should consider the common data quality standards. Is the data:

  • accurate (reflects what is being described/captured/copied)
  • valid (conforms to recognised standards, data reflects stable and consistent collection, and the source is known)
  • timely (available when needed and within a reasonable time period)
  • relevant (only relevant data of value is collected, analysed and used)
  • complete (all relevant data is recorded)?

Good examples of data for your P drive are previous EDRs (the new system being PDRs stored within iTrent), contracts of employment, job applications and courses of study or training led by or on behalf of the council.

This list is not exhaustive and please consider some of these documents may already be held on corporate systems and as such, copies kept on your P drive are purely for your own reference. If you are unsure, ask yourself do you use it, do you need it, and do you have multiple copies?


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