Financial wellbeing webinar sessions (nine-week course) - taking the stress out of money
Tue, 09 Aug 2022

Feel stressed or overwhelmed by money management? Why not register for this free course for staff...

Webinar sessions run on Thursdays via Teams. The course runs from 1 September 2022 until 27 October 2022 for nine weeks.

Sessions start at 9am and last approximately one hour.

Each session will help you understand your emotional relationship with money, show you how to live authentically and identify your future aspirations whilst developing better money management skills. This will help you to reduce your money stress significantly.

The course covers the sessions below:

  1. How is money and mental health connected?
  2. What is our emotional relationship with money?
  3. Emotional relationship with money, how does this impact our behaviours?
  4. What are our values and beliefs where money is concerned?
  5. What are our purpose and goals which shape the future?
  6. Building a spending plan, tips, and techniques to assist.
  7. Managing a spending plan, some additional things to consider when managing money.
  8. Using financial technology to improve financial control.
  9. Future financial planning, where do we go from here?

For an introduction to the programme, please watch a video from the provider taken from the recent EDI Forum on Financial Inclusion here.

To book your place go to the Course Booking System https://eryc.link/14o, log in, and search 'financial wellbeing'.

For more information, please call Sarah Oliver on (01482) 391565 or 07971 134078.


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