The new intranet homepage is here!
Thu, 26 Sep 2019

Welcome to the new homepage of the intranet.

The new-look homepage incorporates an easy-to-use layout with various new features.

Designed by digital services, the new homepage is made up of collapsible panels and includes a news section, a features section, a Live Well Work Well section that includes a directory of staff benefits and a section relating to promotions at The Point.

The new homepage will also include a revamped apps section and the much-used phone book app.

Caroline Lacey, chief executive, said: “The launch of the new homepage of the intranet is the first key milestone of this exciting project and forms part of a wider piece of work to revamp the entire site.

“The intranet is a vital tool for many of us on a daily basis, whether it is to keep up with the latest news, find out a colleague’s contact details or download a policy document. It is therefore important that we have an intranet that meets the needs of a modern workforce in a modern workplace.

 “I would encourage all staff to take a moment to explore the new layout and check out some of the new features it offers.”

The views of staff are really important in helping to shape the ongoing redevelopment of the intranet, so please keep comments and suggestions coming using the feedback tools available on the homepage.


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