Next week is Information Security week
Fri, 04 Oct 2019

The fifth annual Information Security Week will run from Monday, 7 to Friday, 11 October. Since last year’s event, information security has continually been in the headlines.

A year on from the introduction of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, assisting staff and their understanding of information security is more important than ever.

To help, the week is designed to engage and educate staff with the aim of raising awareness about data protection and cyber security.

As in previous years, posters will be displayed around offices and on noticeboards. Staff will have their computer desktop background changed, highlighting the campaign and ensuring all staff are updated.

A number of drop-in sessions, which all staff are invited to attend, will provide updates on key issues related to the week and officers will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. Staff will also be able to take away a promotional sticker for their screens/equipment or a pen.

Drop-in sessions will be run on:

  • Tuesday, 8 October - 10am-12noon and 1-3pm in Room 3 at County Hall, Beverley
  • Friday, 11 October - 11am-3pm in the Council Chambers, Goole

The week will consist of five themed days covering a range of information security issues including:

Day One – Data Breaches

The council has logged 327 incidents since May last year. Remember, not every incident turns out to be a breach.

Lessons are learnt from data breaches and the council continually makes improvements. Day one will highlight what has been going wrong and what steps are being taken to prevent things going wrong.

Remember, breach investigations have tight deadlines that must be adhered to.

Day 2 – Cyber Security

Day two focuses on technology, something which everyone is increasingly dependent on.

The council has more of an online presence than ever before, whether browsing the internet, communicating with people using emails or storing documents online. Consequently, risks to the council’s information and ICT systems have significantly increased.

The council uses multiple technical defences to protect it from cyber attacks. But even with all of these defences, the council still needs your help, day two outlines what you can do to help!

Day 3 – Records Management

Day three outlines the responsibilities of both the council and its staff when it comes to records management.

The council has recently released new guidance to help staff understand their responsibilities when it comes to the disposal of records, outlining when you need approval and how you record a disposal.

The day will also relaunch the Council’s Records Management e-Learning.

Day 4 – Redaction

Day four covers redaction. It covers what redaction is, when it should be used and the risks of getting it wrong. For example, if un-redacted documents are supplied it can have serious consequences. Similarly, if too much is redacted it is a breach for not disclosing information that the individual has a right to see.

Day four explains what the council can do to help if you need to redact information.

Day 5 – Data Matters

The final day looks at what you and your manager need to do to help.

Every day information across the council is used and shared for a variety of reasons. The council has to make sure before this happens staff are aware of certain rules, policies etc.

Day five outlines what you need to do as a member of staff and what your manager should ensure you have done. It also covers what the council needs to do if it is working with agency workers, contractors, work placements and volunteers.


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