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Mon, 07 Oct 2019

The new intranet homepage has been live for a week, and as with any new development we’ve received mixed results.

It seems some of you love the new design and like the way it works, and others prefer the site the way it was.


What you’ve told us

The quick poll on the homepage is designed to gauge your instant impression. The results show a pretty equal split between those that like it and those that think it’s okay or could be better. 

This is a pretty standard response following a complete redesign – whether it’s of a website, a car or a TV programme – think ‘Bake Off’ or ‘Top Gear’...okay, that one was actually worse!

We generally don’t like change because we get used to something – to how it looks, how it works, how it makes us feel. So when something changes out of the blue, we can sometimes be resistant to that change, until we get used to it. 


What we’re doing about it

We’re hoping that if we poll you again in three or six months’ time, you will be used to using the new site and will be enjoying the benefits that the change has brought.

We don’t expect this to happen all on its own though and we know it’s still far from perfect. We’re working really hard in the background making small improvements whilst also working on the bigger picture.


Your feedback matters

Take a look at our new ‘changelog’ which captures your feedback and what we’re doing about it. Every comment is valuable and provides a unique insight into the features and functionality you need to do your job.

Please continue to give us this valued feedback by using any of the forms on the homepage. You can tell us if an App is missing, the search doesn’t find what you're looking for or if you just want to make some general comments. Everything helps.


What the stats say

As I’ve already said, the quick poll gave mixed results. This is called qualitative data – it’s based on your personal experience – how it makes you feel.

We also gather statistics of how many times people visit a page, or use the search, for example. This is called quantitative data.

We collect both types of information, as they’re equally important in helping us guide our work.

This week our stats tell us:

  • The amount of people using only the homepage went up nearly 40% – this means users got what they needed from just one homepage, instead of two as before
  • People viewing the news has gone up 85%
  • 731 people have visited our jobs section
  • The number of full site searches has gone down by 44% – which is an indication that users are finding what they want on the new homepage without having to search for it.

Take a look at our statistics dashboard.


Changes this week…

This week we’ve been focusing on your initial feedbacks, as seen in the changelog. It’s been about improving the user experience by making small improvements, and also collating data which will drive our next programme of improvements.


Up next…

Next week we’re working on:

  • A new ‘Point’ homepage
  • The functionality to re-order the panels on your page
  • Improved ‘search as you type’ facility
  • Work on Internet Explorer cookie issues related to corporate settings, so your preferences, such as MyApps, are saved properly
  • Plus other, smaller improvements as detailed in the changelog.

Jenny Syrett, senior web projects manager


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