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Wed, 06 Nov 2019

It’s time to address the elephant in the room.

And it’s a big one. The elephant in question is 40,000 pages, documents and images that have been uploaded to the intranet over the last eight years. 


The problem?

This colossal amount of information on the intranet is the reason why the search tool doesn’t work as you’d expect …

  • You search for something and get multiple pages of results. 
  • All results are titled the same or very similar. 
  • Which one do you click? 
  • Did it answer your question?
  • If so, are you confident the answer is correct? (Perhaps the eight other versions are more up to date? You’d better open them to check …)
  • Or, do you give up and call the service?

However you deal with it, officer time is being wasted. Either yours as the searcher, or the service responsible for the information who ultimately get the phone call or email.

The solution? 

We need to undertake a giant culling of information, leaving behind only content which is useful, relevant and current.


How we’re doing it…

To be honest, we don’t know yet! It’s such a massive job, that the research period is going to be a big one. We need to find out what these 40,000 pieces of information are and which ones are still needed.

This is where we need your help …


Use it? Don’t lose it...

Simply, we need to know what you’re using and what you’re not.

We will work with the services to determine which policies and documents are correct, and which ones should be deleted. 

We also need to know which pages are being visited and why. This is where you come in.

You’ll see a new banner on all of the intranet pages (except the new homepage) titled:

‘Warning: This page is being reviewed for possible deletion’

There is a link to a form asking you to tell us about the page you’re on and why you use it. 

If you give us feedback, this will show us the page is being used and we'll flag it for review.

We'll make sure we do not delete anything that is being used without recreating it somewhere else or providing alternative instructions.

Pages that do not receive feedback will be flagged for possible deletion.

We will discuss the next steps of this project, here in this blog, over the coming weeks and months.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Up next...

Over the next week we’ll be working on:

Continuing work on the phonebook development, intranet redesign page and events diary.

Beginning the research phases of two new projects:

  • Document management – how we manage documents on the intranet moving forward and how we store and search for them
  • Documents, forms and processes – performing a cull of what we have on the current intranet, and redesigning the ones that remain so they are easier to understand.

Plus other, smaller improvements as detailed in the changelog.

Jenny Syrett, senior web projects manager


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