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a Monday 26 September 2022
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Education Inclusion Service


The Education Inclusion Service (EIS) aims to promote social, psychological and emotional wellbeing and learning attainment for all children and young people.  This is achieved through working with: individual children; their families, groups and classes, school staff, and professionals working within and outside the LA.

The service is made up of: Educational Psychology Team, Primary Behaviour Support Team Inclusion Practitioners, Exclusions and Reintegration Team, Local Authority Alternative provision (LAap).

Generic purposes/activities of EIS:

  • To support the process of maintaining Children and Young People (CYP) within Early Years.  school and college settings, especially those with SEN, a disability, or any vulnerability.  The main role of the EIS is to support schools and Early Years settings in successfully meeting the needs of vulnerable and challenging CYP.

  • In addition to individual child-focused work, EIS staff play a significant role in bespoke training to schools and other settings.

  • To ensure that schools and Early Years settings are well informed about SEN, Exclusion, Disability and SEBD issues.

  • To provide advice and support to educational settings and families, on exclusions and reintegration. To coordinate the delivery of tuition for permanently excluded pupils, and facilitate their reintegration into school.

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