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Tips for managing a remote workforce

If you are responsible for a team, leading them remotely while you are all working form different locations can be challenging.

We have some top tips to help make this successful.

Stay connected

Make sure you regularly check in on your staff to see how they are.

Check their tools

Make sure they have the necessary tools to complete their tasks.

Organise video calls

Face to face video calls using Microsoft Teams will help you find out if your team has any issues. It will also help them to feel less disconnected while working from home.

Promote collaboration

Tell your staff to stay in contact with other team members. This will help to keep them connected with the work others are doing.

Encourage discussion

Throw problems out to the team to solve and let them be involved in some of the decision making.

Ask for ideas

Encourage feedback on what is being done correctly and how something might be improved.

Give praise

Let your staff know you appreciate their effort and give them regular feedback on their work.

Provide regular updates

Keep your team up to date on any important council wide or team specific announcements.

Make time for socialising

Get staff involved in non work related conversations. Ask them about their weekends and encourage contributions to team chats.

Look after their wellbeing

Staff who take regular breaks will be more productive and less likely to become overwhelmed by their work.


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