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Welcome to ESS, a new way to see your payslip, update your personal details and view leave bookings. ESS gives you control of your personal information from your own phone, tablet or home PC. All the information in ESS is secure, your account is private to you and access to it is protected by a two-step password system. The information on this page will explain what ESS is and guide you through everything you need to do to use ESS.

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What you can do:

Access your payslip

Available up to five days before paper payslips are delivered.

View and book leave

View annual leave bookings and the amount of leave you have left.

View/change your details

Review or change your details securely.

Manage your sickness

View your sickness history and record yourself as back at work.

Manage your bank details

Review or change your details securely.

Quick start guide
“Download your ESS Quick Start Guide, or access our 'How to' guides for more detailed information.”

Frequently asked questions

What is ESS?

How do I access ESS? How do I log in to ESS?

What kind of password can I use for ESS?

What do I do if I forget my password?

How can I get help using ESS?

Can I book leave on ESS?

Can I download my payslip on ESS?

Can I use ESS to report myself as back at work after a sickness absence?

Can I book training on ESS?

Can I record special/unpaid leave on ESS?

What does an email from ESS look like? How do I know it's genuine?

How is my leave entitlement calculated?

How is my bank holiday entitlement calculated?

What happens with my leave if I work a bank holiday, statutory or concessionary day?

How do I record leave if I am working a night shift?


Please follow this link to view a range of Council policies.

View policies on the intranet

Contact us

For help using ESS, please contact or call 01482 391253. The iTrent Service desk is available by phone from Monday to Thursday 0830 to 1700, and between 0830 and 1630 on a Friday.

If you have any concerns about IT security (e.g. if you think you've received a suspicious email), please contact the IT Service Desk on as soon as possible.