Health and wellbeing

Supporting you to be healthier, happier and fitter.

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Health and wellbeing directory

Our categorised health and wellbeing directory provides a wide range of support that we offer you as well as many external resources to help you maintain or improve your wellbeing. The resources also tie in with the recognised 5 ways to wellbeing - connect, learn, be active, give and take notice.
Mental wellbeing
Pay attention to the present moment - your thoughts, feelings, body, the world around you.
Social wellbeing
Feel a sense of belonging, inclusion and positivity about interactions with others.
Financial wellbeing
Control and budget your money to feel comfortable, secure and reduce your stress levels.
Physical wellbeing
Improve your health and quality of life by being active, to reduce your risk of health problems.
Emotional wellbeing
Balance your emotions, mood, thoughts and feelings and adapt to adversity and stress.
All resources
Maintain and improve your health and wellbeing with our support services and external resources.

Employee assistance programme (EAP)

Telephone helpline

Our employee assistance programme partner, Vivup, provides a counselling and advice helpline, offering confidential support and advice for you and your family on a range of emotional, personal and work related issues. You can also access up to 6 structured, 30 minute telephone counselling sessions.

Call 0330 380 0658 for support and advice.

Online support

Vivup also offer online resources via audio and PDF self help workbooks, debt advice, domestic abuse resources and free help and advice on managing your money and reducing your utility bills with 'Ask Bill'.

Live Well Work Well consultations

Would you like advice and support to improve your mental, physical or emotional wellbeing?

Our Live Well Work Well team offer 1-2-1 and group consultation sessions.

Health and wellbeing champions

Are you concerned about your health or wellbeing?

Get in touch with a health and wellbeing champion. Their role is to inspire and support you to make positive lifestyle changes so that you can maintain a good standard of wellbeing and live a healthier life.

Staff MOT and boditrax

Would you like to assess your overall health and check you don't have any health problems?

Our Live Well Work Well team offer 30 minute personal 1-2-1 appointments that include a quick boditrax scan to check your health.

The team will talk you through the results from the scan and give you advice on changes you can make to your lifestyle to avoid or manage any health risks.

Occupational health

If your manager feels that you need some advice or support with your health to continue carrying out your day to day role, they may refer you to our occupational health team. This may include help with returning to work after illness or injury and/or providing adjustments or adaptations that can help you.

The team can also provide independent and impartial advice to managers to make sure that your team work as effectively as possibly while maintaining the health and wellbeing of all team members.

Healthy workplace

You have the opportunity to learn new skills, work in a blended way, with a mix of office and remote working (where relevant) and to take advantage of our flexible working options.
Check out our policies and frameworks, including flexible working and your leave entitlement.
Agile transformation
Find out how we are becoming more modern, flexible and responsive to adapt and improve service delivery.
Learning opportunities
Discover the various themes of learning available to help improve your personal development.
View learning opportunities

Health and wellbeing campaigns

Get involved

Passionate about wellbeing?
Becoming a health and wellbeing champion could be the right choice for you.
Would you like to set up an activity group?
Tell us about a fun activity like a sport or craft you'd like to share. We'll help you get started.
Would you like to help and support the people of Ukraine?
Learn how the East Riding is responding to the war and refugee crisis and how you can help.
Want to become part of a staff network?
Meet like minded people, share your experiences and receive support from the network group.
Would you like to learn some new skills?
Try an adult education course to develop your skills or just give something new a go.
Have ideas about health and wellbeing?
We welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.