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Electrical equipment checks

Most of us know that the council carries out yearly checks on our electrical equipment, such as laptops, computer base units, and the chargers and leads, to make sure they are safe for us to continue to use.

Now that we are working from home, this is not going to be possible. However this does not mean you must stop using this equipment if it passes it's annual inspection date.

Arrangements have already been made to have all equipment that has been removed from the office for home working to be inspected and tested as soon as possible when we return to our usual work environment.

Until then, you can make sure your electrical equipment is safe for use with a few simple checks each day before you plug in the equipment and switch it on:

Equipment enclosure, casing and any separate transformer

Look for:

  • physical damage, such as cracks or chemical corrosion. Pay particular attention to mains connection sockets on the equipment and/or transformer
  • signs of overheating
  • signs of where fluids or other foreign bodies may have entered the enclosure or casing
Mains plugs

Look for:

  • any loose connection with the mains outlet. The plug should fit correctly and you should not be able to remove it without difficulty
  • cracks or damage
  • signs of overheating, such as melted plastic
  • mains cable is secured in the plug by the cable grip (there are no loose wires at the bottom of the plug)

Please note: it is safer to plug electrical equipment directly into a mains outlet. Please avoid using a multi-outlet extension lead and adaptor if possible. However if this is unavoidable, we recommend that you carry out these same checks on that equipment.

Mains cables

Look at the:

  • entire length of the cable - check for damage, such as cuts or fraying
  • joints or connections - check for anything that is unsafe

What you must do if you find a problem

Do not switch on the affected piece of equipment.

Contact IT for further advice. If you cannot contact them through the ICT Customer Portal (previously IT Service Desk), please call 01482 394444.

You must also let your manager know that your work may be affected until you have a solution.

Should I record my electrical checks?

No you do not need to record the checks, you only need to act if there is a problem.

Your responsibilities

As a user of council issued electrical equipment, you have a responsibility to ensure that equipment you use has no obvious visual damage or defects.

This applies in your normal working environment as well as while working in your home. These checks are an important safety precaution because as the user of the equipment you are most familiar with its operation.


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