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Staff networks

Staff networks represent people that many need extra support in the workplace. They are developed by communities of staff that share equality, diversity, and inclusion characteristics such as:

  • a disability
  • being a carer
  • part of the LGBT + community

The networks exist to help:

  • you feel supported by your peers
  • you share concerns in a safe and confidential space
  • raise awareness of the challenges people with shared characteristics face
  • promote an inclusive and diverse workplace
  • contribute to relevant consultations on policy and service development
  • signpost to services and other available information, including resources and external networks.

You can join an existing staff network or request to set up a new one.

Join a network

You can join one of our existing networks below.

The Disabled staff network

Our network is a safe and confidential space for staff with disabilities and those with long term health conditions to meet for support and to share advice based on their own experiences.

The group:

  • contribute to consultations
  • help inform policy change in the workplace
  • help you feel less alone
  • give you a stronger voice to address barriers and discrimination.
How to join

The network meets on the third Thursday of each month at 12.30pm via Teams. For further information, to sign up to the network or request an invite to join the meeting email the disabled staff network.

LGBT+ employee forum

Our LGBT+ forum aims to provide staff with:

  • an increased awareness of LGBT+ needs and issues
  • a platform to learn about the needs of LGBT+ customers and residents
  • a space to support your health and wellbeing
  • the opportunity to have your say, attend social events and listen to guest speakers
  • a way for non-LGBT+ staff who would like to know how they can better support family members, colleagues, and customers
  • ways to learn more about championing our diverse and inclusive culture by being an LGBT+ ally.

Nationally it is estimated that between 5 and 7 per cent of people are LGBT+ with a significant increase in the number of people who are willing to openly identify as such over the last few years. This is due to several factors but is largely because more dedicated support and services are aimed at the LGBT+ community. We have a long-standing history of pioneering change and embracing diversity, our vision 'Your East Riding... where everyone matters' is just one example of this.

The LGBT strategic needs assessment showed that people who are LGBT+ often face:

  • increased risk of experiencing hate crime
  • lack of support in education
  • increased social isolation and loneliness
  • higher incidences of poor mental and sexual health.

However, in the East Riding these experiences are lower than national rates.

How to join

The forum meets on the third Wednesday lunch time of each month, 12.30 - 1.30pm and the third Thursday evening of each month, 6.30 - 7.30pm via Teams. For further information, to sign up to the network or request an invite to join the meetings email the LGBT+ forum.

Carers network

Our carers network launches on Thursday 28 April and provides a great opportunity for carers to:

  • discuss your experiences with others
  • share useful techniques you've discovered while caring for your loved one.
How to join

The network meets on the last Thursday lunch time of each month, 12noon - 1pm via Teams. If you are a carer or know someone who is and would like any further information, to sign up or request an invite to join the meetings email the carers team.

Please note: if you have already expressed an interest in attending our carers support meetings, we'll be in touch soon with your invite.

Set up a new network

If you are interested in setting up a new network, you will need to find a core group of like-minded colleagues and decide on:

  • the type of network you are proposing
  • its purpose
  • why you think there is a need for the network
  • the target audience.

We will need to make sure that your network fits within the ethos of staff networks before you can set it up.

To request a new network to be set up, fill in the online form below.

Request a new network

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