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Trade unions

As a member of staff, you have the option to join a trade union. A union looks after your interests at work, such as:

  • negotiating agreements on pay and conditions
  • advising on large changes like restructures or redundancies
  • discussing your concerns with you
  • taking a proactive approach as champions of good health
  • your welfare
  • your health and safety.

Most trade unions are made up of employees of an organisation including employees at the council.

Health and wellbeing support

As well as looking after your interests at work, unions can also support your wellbeing. They can provide:

  • debt advice and support
  • financial assistance
  • advice on your break entitlements and holidays
  • other personal advice.

Evidence suggests that this is beneficial to you, your team and the council because it:

  • reduces sickness
  • increases productivity
  • improves the health of you, your family, and friends.

Our trade union partners

We proactively work with 3 trade unions. You can find out more about the supportand benefits they provide and how to join on their website:

You can also email questions to the following union representatives:


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