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Cash and coins

If you run a service that requires a till and you provide change to your customers, you can request a cash and coin order or float.

Please note: if you require petty cash, check our purchase cards page.

Cash and coin orders

You can request a cash and coin order for your service. The way you do this depends on the amount required.

Small orders

Fill in a cash and coin order form

If you require change, this can be requested and collected through NatWest bank. The amount you can collect is subject to your service area risk assessment. As a member of staff will be carrying cash to the bank and the change order back to work, consider how much they should have for safety reasons.

You can request the change by filling in the cash and coin order form on the NatWest website. You need to provide the following details:

  • business name - East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • sort code - 60 02 23
  • account number - 65531868
  • amount and denominations you'd like the money in
  • branch you'd like to pick the order up from
  • date and time (1 hour slot) you'd like to pick up the order.

Make sure you print out the confirmation page once you have completed the form, as you'll need to take this to the bank with you.

What happens next

On your collection day and time, head to the NatWest branch you have selected. Follow your service area risk assessment based on the amount of money you are taking to the bank and collecting in change, and take the following with you:

  • council badge
  • printed confirmation page from the cash and coin order form
  • equivalent amount of money to swap for the change
  • something to put the money in to carry back to your workplace.

Bulk orders

Fill in the bulky cash collection form

If you require a bulk order for change, this must be requested through the security company G4S, that currently run our security of cash in transit contract as part of scheduled banking collections. This reduces risk as they will deliver your order directly to your site.

If your service is already set up to request bulk orders, you need to fill in the bulky cash collection form, providing the following details:

  • site contract number
  • site name
  • delivery date - orders need to be placed by 11am on the working day prior to the date you'd like the change to be delivered
  • amount and denominations required (the total self populates).

Bulk cash order form

Email G4S customer services your completed form.

What happens next

You should receive your bulk cash and change order on your chosen date via G4S. This will usually be at the same time a collection is picked up. If you have any issues with the delivery of your order call G4S on 0844 400 4205. When the order arrives you'll need to:

  • sign for the delivery to confirm receipt of any sealed containers
  • open and check the order while the courier is on site
  • sign the 2-part receipt to confirm the contents - you need to keep one part and the courier will keep the other.

Please note: if there is a discrepancy, the receipt should be annotated, and counter signed by the courier so the order can be corrected.

Not set up to request a bulk order

If your service needs to be set up, so you can start requesting bulk cash and coin orders, email the procurement team.

Cash floats

You can request a new float or an amendment to an existing one so that you are able to operate tills and provide customers with change at the beginning of your business operations each day.

Request a new float

To request a new float, you need to email expenses and provide the:

  • amount you require for the new float
  • cost code to be debited for the float
  • email authorisation from the budget holder
  • date the float is required for.
What happens next

Once your float has been set up, you will receive instructions from the expenses team on what to do next. What you need to do will differ depending on what the float is for, such as a one off event or a new facility that has opened.

Amend an existing float

If you need to amend an existing cash float, you need to email expenses and explain what amends you would like to make.

What happens next

Your request will then go to your budget holder for approval. If approved, you will be provided with instructions on how to amend the float amount via your usual banking processes.


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