Getting it right for new starters
Wed, 25 Sep 2019

Recruiting managers and new starters have reacted positively and made a number of suggestions for improving the new online recruitment guide for managers and e-induction, which launched in July.

Both sites will be continuously developed to reflect ongoing feedback, which has supported new content such as the induction check-list for managers and guidance on the process when a candidate withdraws from an appointment.

Jen Czapla, principal business intelligence officer, a new starter herself had experience recruiting with and without the use of the recruitment guide.

"As a new manager, who has been in post for five months, I have already had to recruit for two roles. On one occasion without the new recruitment guide and making new starters welcome information and the other with these.

“Although support was on hand from my manager and colleagues, the process of initially recruiting was complex. Even though I expected a number of policies, check lists and forms had to be filled out, the deadlines, order and recipients of all of the documentation was not clear, which meant I spent a lot of time searching through out-of-date forms or on the phone to HR.

“The step-by-step recruitment guide definitely took away a lot of these inefficiencies, as well as any concerns I had about missing out on key documentation.

"As a new manager, I felt a lot of concern that throughout the recruitment and new starter induction processes I was not providing the right amount of support or clarity for a candidate who was new to the council.

“The recruitment guide and making new starters welcome information reassured me that I was giving sufficient information to my new employee, which was aligned with and of the same quality as other areas.

“From a new starter perspective, our assistant analyst, Liam Yates, has transitioned into the role and the team seamlessly and is also working through his e-induction."

The e-induction includes a new starter survey to be completed at the end of the induction, around two months after starting. The feedback from these will help future guidance for making new starters welcome.

“Some of the courses were very applicable to my role and hence very useful to learn about, in particular the data protection, freedom of information and records management courses,” said Liam.

“The way the e-induction is structured is very useful and the way the information is laid out makes it easier to absorb. For example, the drop down menus and the 'click on the picture to find out more' kind of things.”

If you have any suggestions or examples of initiatives that you use to induct new starters into the council, these can be shared at feedback@eastriding.gov.uk


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