Intranet redesign - the first launch
Thu, 26 Sep 2019

Welcome to the first blog post from digital services, the team behind the redesign of the intranet. 

We’ll be using this space to share our journey with you over the coming 18 months. We’ll tell you what we’re redesigning and why we’re doing it. We’ll also be asking for your opinions and sharing the results. 

We’ll kick off our first post by explaining a little behind the launch of the new homepage.

Why are we doing it?

It’s obvious by all who use it, that the intranet is no longer fit for purpose and has largely become a repository for out-of-date documents. Following extensive research and consultation, Caroline Lacey, chief executive, kick-started a two-year project to redesign it with the clear aim of making a ‘modern intranet for a modern workforce’.

We’ll be completely redesigning the intranet from the ground up, using the latest design approaches and technologies to create a fit-for-purpose, more flexible and future-ready website that supports the organisation’s current and future needs.

What’s been launched today?

Today we have launched a new homepage and news announcements section along with a few other feature panels focusing on key corporate messages and initiatives. This new homepage replaces both the old homepages, with one easy-to-use page. 

The page is organised in ‘panels’ which can be toggled ‘on or off’. In the near future, you‘ll be able to re-order them, allowing you to customise your workspace. Take a look at our full roadmap to see what else we are planning to develop/create.

Coming soon…

Over the next few weeks our blog will go into detail about who we are, what we’ve designed, how we’ve done it (with features from our development team and our creative designer) and discuss our roadmap with you. 

We’ll talk about our working method: how we will launch in phases throughout an 18-month period, reviewing and improving as we go. We’ll also talk about how we plan to do this – largely through consultation with you, our users.

If you haven’t yet signed up to take part in our testing, please take a minute to do so! Sign me up for user testing!

Chris Burkill, web services manager


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