SAFEPLACE Week ... Stop and Think Day
Mon, 21 Oct 2019

Today (Monday 21 October) sees the launch of SAFEPLACE Week, the annual health and safety awareness week for all staff in Communities & Environment.

A week of events and activities are planned to highlight the vital role health, safety and wellbeing plays in everyone’s day to day working life.

Today at exactly 9.08am we are asking all staff in C&E to stop and think for a minute.

Stop and think about ... What you are doing. What you’ll be doing next. Are you doing it safely? Could you improve safety? Think about near misses. Think about how to stop falls and knocks. Think about your wellbeing. Think about your work colleagues. Think about your family.

The moment is being held to mark the fact there were 908 work related accidents in C&E in the past five years.

The most common type of accidents are caused by:          

  • Physical and verbal assaults – the most common cause of non-reportable accidents – rates are decreasing.
  • Lifting and handling ­– the most common reportable accident and numbers of non-reportable incidents are increasing.
  • Slips, trips and falls – the second most common type of reportable accident – numbers increasing.
  • Falls from height – Thankfully these are not frequent. We had two reportable incidents last year.

Tasks to do today:

  • Brief your teams on the annual C&E Health and Safety Action Plan and revised C&E H&S policy arrangement document
  • Check staff know who their H&S rep is and have access to the policy
  • Do you and your staff know how to report an accident?
  • October is Stoptober month – What are you and your work colleagues giving up this month to improve your health & wellbeing? The Stoptober stop smoking campaign takes place throughout October so it's an ideal time for you, your colleagues and family to think about what you can stop doing this month to improve your health and wellbeing. See Insight for ideas on the Live Well Work Well pages for ideas.
  • Health and safety inspections will be taking place this week across C&E, starting today.

Other useful resources

Here’s a list of useful resources which staff and teams are encouraged to look at:

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website – a huge resource of information on all aspects of health and safety. www.hse.gov.uk


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