SAFEPLACE Week: SAFE equipment day
Wed, 23 Oct 2019

This week is SAFEPLACE Week, the annual health and safety awareness week for all staff in Communities & Environment.

A week of events and activities are planned to highlight the vital role health, safety and wellbeing plays in everyone’s day to day working life.

The annual SAFEPLACE Seminar will take place at Bishop Burton College today (Wednesday 23 October), with around 100  frontline staff attending and includes the presentation of the C&E Better Health at Work Awards.

Today is ... SAFE equipment day.

Staff are encouraged to carry out inspections of the equipment they use for work today – lifting equipment, hand tools, transport, display screen equipment, PPE, etc.

All work equipment has the potential to cause problems in the workplace – we need to ensure it remains safe to use and that we are not putting anyone at risk.

Tasks to do today:

  • Check your PPE
  • Check your workstation set up
  • Is refresher training up to date / does training reflect changes in technology or equipment used?
  • Review lone worker, agile worker, home worker systems
  • Ensure you use safe systems at work guidance
  • Check risk assessments are up to date

Useful resources

Here’s a list of useful resources which staff and teams are encouraged to look at:


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