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Wed, 23 Oct 2019

A roundup of your feedback for October, and how we’ve responded.

Once again, thanks for all the feedback you’re giving us on the new intranet. We really want to make sure that we create an area you’ll find useful and want to return to.

Since we launched the new homepage nearly a month ago, we’ve made quite a few tweaks based on what you’ve told us. We’re recording all this in our changelog but we’ve also highlighted a few of these below.


The Point page now live

From our intranet stats and previous feedback, we know how popular The Point is (especially for those of you based at County Hall), so as part of our project plan, we’ve created an area to showcase all it has to offer. 

If you’ve been to The Point you’ll know it’s a great place for a casual meeting, to grab a coffee or a bite to eat. However from the newly launched page you can now access a full list of specials for the coming weeks (great for checking when your favourite scone is on the menu!) and find out about the current promotions (watch out for details of the Huskup competition coming soon). 

You can also view the latest Wellbeing Point incentives, or learn about the Meeting Point facilities and how to book a room.

In the near future, you'll also be able to search for allergy and dietary information for all your favourite meals and snacks served at The Point. 

The Point team are really keen to hear your feedback on the services they offer. If you’d like to share your experience with them, pop along to The Point page and fill in their consultation form.

Make sure you also tell us what you think of The Point page using the ‘Give your feedback’ button at the bottom of this page.

Don’t work at County Hall? If you don’t like The Point feature on the homepage, just toggle it to ‘off’ and reorder it so it’s down at the bottom of the page.


Your homepage – your way!

We had lots of positive feedback on the panel design of the homepage, but many of you had also asked if it was possible to reorder the panels so you could have the ones you use the most at the top. We followed up on this request with a poll to see whether others would find this useful and 96% of respondents agreed.

You can now access this new feature on the top right of the homepage. Just select the ‘REORDER PAGE’ button and you’ll be able to hold down the panel titles and drag them around until you get the layout you want. We really like this feature ourselves!

Using Internet Explorer 11? This is an old browser and doesn’t support the latest technology so this new feature might be a bit glitchy. We recommend switching to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for the best viewing experience.


Choose your news

You may have also noticed we’ve upgraded the toggle button on the news panel of the homepage. This allows you to choose how much news you have displayed on the homepage.

You can keep it as the full display if you like, or you can reduce it to a ‘mini’ version or turn it off entirely. If you choose to turn it off, a button called ‘Unread Stories’ will appear next to the toggle switch when there are new stories to read. It will tell you how many there are to read, and will also open them up if you click on it. 


Other changes based on your feedback

You said… that it was hard to find the phonebook and that you’d prefer it was at the top of the page. 

We’ve… added a link to the top of the page (in the header) so you can access it much quicker. Just hit the icon and the page will move down to the ‘Popular tools’ panel - if you’ve closed the panel, it will open automatically.

We’ve also changed the colour of the phonebook to make it easier to spot. Finally, the ability to reorder the page as discussed above will allow you to move it higher up the page.

You said… that you couldn’t find the forms that you regularly use such as ‘Rail and hotel booking’ or ‘External qualifications, conferences and training’.

We’ve… changed the name of the My Apps panel to My Apps and Forms, and added buttons for the most popular forms.  

You said… that your custom homepage settings were not saving when you closed your browser.

We’ve… this was because of an issue with Internet Explorer only, but we have built a new database to record when you make a change to the layout of your homepage so we can apply those settings when you next open the intranet.


Up next...

Over the next week we’ll be working on:

Improved search facility (we have a long way to go with this as the poor quality search is due to the amount of pages and documents stored on the intranet, but we will make small improvements every week).

Building an ‘intranet redesign’ page  where we can put all your form feedback, poll results, log our changes and tell you what we’re working on next.

Kick starting the ‘events diary’ project so we can advertise events taking place in and around the council (you’ll never miss another bake sale!)

Initial talks about a phonebook project where we’re hoping to build a team navigator so you can easily find the service or the person you want, add in staff photos (now’s the time to get your badge photo updated!) and make it easier for you to make changes to your profile.

Plus other, smaller improvements as detailed in the changelog.

Matt Sizer and Sarah Winch, senior web analysts


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