SAFEPLACE Week: SAFE driving day
Thu, 24 Oct 2019

This week is SAFEPLACE Week, the annual health and safety awareness week for all staff in Communities and Environment.

A week of events and activities are planned to highlight the vital role health, safety and wellbeing plays in everyone’s day to day working life.

Today (Thursday 24 October) is ... SAFE driving day.

Today the council’s road safety team will be holding a Distance Makes The Difference campaign today outside The Point at County Hall, Beverley from 8am to 3pm – visit their stand to learn more.

More than 200 staff will also be attending Driver Awareness and Driver Risk training session this week as part of SAFEPLACE Week.

Fleet services and road safety also delivered an interactive presentation at yesterday’s SAFEPLACE Seminar on driver awareness. Details will be cascaded to teams.

The main focus of today is the importance of vehicle and driver safety. Staff are being encouraged to carry out inspections of vehicles and managers are asked to make sure staff have up to date information about driving safely.

Tasks to do today:

  • Carry out vehicle inspections – use the fleet vehicle packs launched at the seminar.
  • Think about driving safety – prepare for winter.
  • Review your driving for work risk assessments
  • Deliver the updated Driver Awareness Toolbox Talk

Useful resources

Here’s a list of useful resources which staff and teams are encouraged to look at:


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