Do you use intranet bookmarks?
Mon, 25 Nov 2019

Read this article to ensure you don’t lose them.

The intranet’s bookmarking tool (refer to image above) will be removed from the intranet on Monday, 16 December.

This means you will no longer be able to visit the old MyInsight homepage to access any bookmarks you have made. The green ‘Bookmark this page’ button at the bottom of all intranet pages will now take you to instructions about creating bookmarks in your internet browser.



There are two main reasons.

One. The system that this intranet was built on uses old technology that we have to replace. This is why we are redesigning the intranet – not only to give you an improved service and user experience, but to build it on a platform that can grow with us. We are future-proofing ourselves which is something we must do with all digital services that we build and invest in.

Two. While this tool was ‘quite’ nifty at the time, it’s had its day. Technology has improved and bookmarks can be handled much better by internet browsers, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Currently, you have to navigate to the old MyInsight homepage to be able to access a bookmark. However, if you use your internet browser you can access them straight from your browser menu. This allows you to go, for example, from a page on the corporate website to a bookmarked policy on the intranet - no middleman.

The other key benefit to using your internet browser is the ability to store your bookmarks into folders – ideal if you have lots of them!


What do I need to do?

If you want to keep your bookmarks, make sure you add them to your bookmark facility in your chosen intranet browser before Monday, 16 December.

If you haven’t done it before, don’t worry. It’s really easy and is worth the effort.

Read the new bookmarking instructions.


Elsewhere on the redesign project

Over the past few weeks we’ve been making positive headway on the following parts of the project:

  • Improvements to the phonebook tool
  • Discussions around a new and advanced room booking facility
  • Meetings with the policy and HR teams with a view to tidying up all the out-of-date policies (hooray!)
  • Meetings with the business analysts (BAs) around alternative solutions to document storage.


Up next…

There will be more of the same for this next period as we’re in the middle of a lengthy research phase, requiring lots of collaboration with other teams in the council. We’ll introduce these teams and their involvement in the near future.

Details of our next big release, pencilled in for mid-December, will be shared in our next post.

Jenny Syrett, senior web projects manager

(with help from Megan Dooley, work experience from Salford University)


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