Have you considered an apprenticeship?
Tue, 26 Nov 2019

Managers and staff are being encouraged to consider learning, training and development opportunities that can be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy.

The levy allows the council to help staff at all level to develop their existing skills or learn news ones to support the authority’s aim of a modern workforce and a modern workplace.

The council contributes a significant amount of money on a monthly basis to the Apprenticeship Levy and, to date, more than 200 staff have started an apprenticeship in subjects ranging from exercise and fitness to health and social care and from civil engineering to chartered surveying and social work.

There are lots of new opportunities available for leadership and management qualifications through the apprenticeship scheme, both for existing managers and also those staff who aspire to take on managerial responsibilities.

The launch of these leadership and management qualifications, for example, provides a fantastic opportunity to expand the apprenticeship training offer and maximise the council’s contribution to the levy funds, which currently exceeds £1million.

Learning can be very flexible and there are opportunities for staff at all levels.

The leadership and management apprenticeships compliment the in-house programmes provided by the council, including Introduction to Leadership Practice (ILP) and Certificate in Leadership Studies (CLS), which continue to run as normal, and staff can consider the most appropriate learning and development opportunity for their role as:

  • new manager, team leader or supervisor (Team Leader - Level 3)
  • line manager, team leader or supervisor (Departmental Manager - Level 5)
  • senior manager, operational manager, head of service or director (Chartered Manager Degree - Level 6 / Senior Leader Master’s Degree - Level 7).

Further details can be found at https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/leadership/#er-apprenticeships

There are some of great benefits of choosing an apprenticeship:

  • earn-while-you-learn with no need for a student loan – the training costs are covered by the apprenticeship levy
  • achieve nationally-recognised qualifications and gain professional accreditation/ membership
  • develop your career and build networks with colleagues in other organisations
  • eligible for an NUS card.

Learners undertaking apprenticeships will be supported to spend 20% of their contracted hours in genuine learning - this may include attending taught sessions, shadowing and mentoring, research and writing assignments.

Each learner will be supported by the training provider and a mentor to document this learning time.

For information on all apprenticeship qualifications available, visit https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/directorates/cr/technology-and-transformation-services/od/qualifications-in-the-workplace/

If any staff have a fixed-term or temporary contract but still wish to complete these qualifications or if you have any other enquiries, email erycapprenticeshipservice@eastriding.gov.uk


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