Changes to pay advice
Wed, 11 Dec 2019

Further to the recent articles in The Grapevine, staff are reminded that - with effect from January 2020 - there are changes to the way pay advice will be provided.


Network users

With effect from the January 2020 pay day, network users will no longer receive a pressure-sealed pay advice and will need to access their Employee Self Service (ESS) account to view and print (if required) their pay advice. 


Frontline Staff

With effect from March 2020 pay day, frontline staff, who have recently been given access to ESS Mobile, will no longer receive a pressure-sealed pay advice and will need to access ESS Mobile to view and print, if required, their pay advice.

This means that staff who work shift patterns, are part-time or may be absent from work can have access to their pay advice sooner than if it is either forwarded on to them or they return to work, which can often be after pay day has passed.

From January 2020, for staff who do not have access to ESS Mobile, the council is replacing the existing pressure-sealed pay advice with a digitally printed A4 paper pay advice, which is consistent with the information provided on ESS.

Staff can now access their ESS accounts when they are away from the council network, which allows employees to view their pay advices and save and print them if required at their convenience as soon as they are available online, which can be up to five days before pay day.


Next steps

Pay advices can be available online up to five days prior to pay day, however global communication will be circulated to notify employees when their pay advice can be accessed online on a monthly basis.

All staff who have not yet accessed ESS Mobile should familiarise themselves with the software in readiness for the changes.

Network users will find ESS Mobile useful if they are away from work for a period of time and do not have access to a desktop machine to access ESS, as you are able to obtain your pay advice via ESS Mobile. 

Guidance for accessing ESS Mobile can be found at https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/ess-mobile


Further communication

Communication regarding the changes will be ongoing until March 2020 and support is available from the employment services (information) team.

If you need any assistance with accessing ESS Mobile, email itrent.servicedesk@eastriding.gov.uk visit https://insight.eastriding.gov.uk/ess-mobile or call (01482) 391253.


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