Our commitment to Ensuring Everyone Matters...
Wed, 04 Dec 2019

When the council’s new vision, values and behaviours were launched last year, the intention was that staff would embed them in everything they do. 

To help with this, the council has extended the behaviours to include what they might mean in practice. These extended behaviours update the old competency framework. 

The list is not prescriptive, because each service, team and member of staff will have different ways of bringing the extended behaviours to life.   

Our Vision, Values and Behaviours Graphic

One of the activities shown above is Our Commitment, Ensuring Everyone Matters.

Our Commitment is shown in the infographic and sets out both the behaviours the council expects from staff and the organisation’s commitment to providing a modern workplace for a modern workforce. 

Recruitment and Retention - Our Commitment Graphic

Managers are encouraged to discuss both the behaviours and Our Commitment in their team meetings and in one-to-one conversations with staff to establish the extent to which they are being met and to agree what actions need to be taken to ensure that they can be achieved in the future.  It is an opportunity for an open and honest two-way conversation about what’s working well and what isn’t working from all perspectives. 

This will help the council ensure that everyone really does matter in order to achieve the ambition of a modern workforce for a modern workplace. 

Organisational development will be working with directorates to help embed Our Commitment and the behaviours in practice.

Quality, Pride and Respect Graphic


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