Be IN on a new way of working
Mon, 13 Jan 2020

Get INvolved is the main theme of a new marketing campaign to attract people to consider a career with East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Launching in early February, the new campaign aims to inspire a range of people to consider a career with the authority and re-enforce the council’s commitment of a modern workforce in a modern workplace.

The campaign has two purposes:

  1. to raise awareness of the council as an employer, then drive action to find out more and apply for roles
  2. to provide greater awareness of career options with the council and educate audiences about the benefits of working for the authority.

Raising awareness

The council has a real opportunity to make a bold statement and grab attention. The new campaigns aim to create intrigue and drive action by highlighting the benefits that the council can offer as an employer.

Changing perceptions

This part of the campaign will focus more on the individual through the use of case studies.

Imagery and videos of council employees will feature heavily here and add authenticity to the campaign.

Look out for advertising on the back of buses, online advertising, a new careers website or listen on the radio from early February.

Recruitment adverts and social media channels will be aligned to the new campaign with marketing activity bursts taking place during 2020/21.  

Main aims of the new campaign are:

  • to attract people to work for the council
  • to inform potential candidates about the career opportunities, flexible working and other great reasons to join the council’s workforce
  • to inspire people to earn-while-they-learn and develop their career with the authority
  • to showcase how working at the council means people can help shape their community and make a real difference to people’s lives.



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