New board to oversee council workforce initiatives
Mon, 13 Jan 2020

A new board has been established to oversee all workforce initiatives at the council and will be chaired by chief executive, Caroline Lacey.

The Everyone Matters Board will replace the Workforce Board, Apprenticeship Board, Employee Health & Wellbeing Board, the Recruitment and Retention Workstream Boards and the Leadership Board

The new board will review, champion and monitor the council’s workforce strategy, ensuring that:

  • workforce challenges are identified and addressed
  • culture change is driven across the organisation
  • people with the right skills are recruited and retained.

The board will achieve these by:

  • Promoting proactive workforce planning and understanding workforce data at organisation and service level and the actions needed to ensure the council has the right people with the right skills.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the leadership and learning development strategy programmes to ensure they meet the council’s needs, including maximising the use of the apprenticeship levy.
  • Overseeing and ensuring that recruitment and retention processes are fit-for-purpose and that the council maintains staff engagement during the employment lifecycle.
  • Ensuring the delivery of the Live Well Work Well programme to maintain and support a healthy workforce.
  • Ensuring issues arising from legal and regulatory requirements are appropriately addressed, including the gender pay gap, the use of agency workers and pay policy.

“A tremendous amount of work has been done over the past 12-18 months to launch the council’s new vision and values and deliver against the commitment of a modern workforce in a modern workplace, including work on key priority areas such as leadership, recruitment and retention and flexibility,” said Caroline.

“Much of this work has been done and it is now timely to establish a new board to provide leadership across the whole agenda and review priorities and work programmes.”

The Everyone Matters Board will be made up of:

  • Caroline Lacey, chief executive (chair)
  • Darren Stevens, director of corporate resources
  • David Smith, head of human resources
  • Andy Kingdom, head of public health
  • Paul Bell, head of economic development and communications
  • Paul Tripp, head of streetscene services
  • Deborah Myers, head of children and young people, education and schools
  • Sara Arnold, employment, education and skills group manager.



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