Cyber Security: We are all a target
Fri, 31 Jan 2020

Every device you are connected to makes you more vulnerable to a cyber attack. Your computer, mobile devices, financial and personal information have tremendous value to a cyber criminal.

Here is a list of the different methods a cyber criminal may take to hack into your mobile device or computer:

  • Username and passwords - a cyber criminal can install programs on your computer that capture all of your keystrokes, which can result in them obtaining your username and password. That could mean that they would be able to access your financial, social media or online shopping accounts.
  • Email harvesting - once hacked, a cyber criminal could gain access to your email account and then sell any personal information such as names, addresses and phone numbers that are listed within any of your emails.
  • Encrypting - cyber criminals could encrypt all of the data on your computer, such as personal photos, and demand payment to decrypt them.
  • Botnet - a cyber criminal could connect your computer to an entire network of other hacked computers called a botnet. This network can then be used to send out spam emails to millions of people.

For more information, please see the ICT Security intranet page.  


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