Council tax - paperless billing
Thu, 06 Feb 2020

The council is encouraging East Riding residents, including staff, to manage their council tax account online and sign up to paperless billing. This gives householders the option of viewing their bills online, rather than receiving them through the post.  

Signing up for paperless billing allows residents to view their council tax account 24/7, it is simple to use, will save time and gives people greater control of their bills and payments. Reducing the amount of paper printed is also better for the environment.

Once signed up, residents can:

  • view their bill whenever they like
  • check their balance, payments, bills and recovery notices
  • view or update account information
  • update contact details
  • report changes, such as applying for discounts and telling the council about a change in address
  • sign up for Direct Debit.

When residents register for paperless billing, the council will send an email whenever they have a new bill, which they will be able to view instantly through their account.

To make the switch, please visit www.eastriding.gov.uk/mycounciltax


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