Staff can now Text the Chief!
Fri, 14 Feb 2020

Staff are being invited to send chief executive Caroline Lacey any ideas, questions and feedback - by text!

Text the Chief is an initiative which was piloted for front-line staff based at the Willerby Depot and it is now being rolled out for the whole workforce.

It complements existing methods for staff to send suggestions to Caroline such as the Suggestionbox@eastriding.gov.uk email address and the Vision and Values feedback form on the intranet at insight.eastriding.gov.uk/vision

Text the Chief is free for staff to use and Caroline hopes it will encourage even more people to get in touch with her about matters which are important to them or with ideas about improving services or working environments.

Caroline said: "The feedback form on the intranet and the Suggestion Box email have been very well used. I've received feedback and questions about all sorts of matters and staff have contacted me with some great ideas on various topics, from recycling to our working practices.

"We now want to make it even easier for staff to send in their feedback, questions and ideas, especially for those staff who don't have network access, and Text the Chief is a great way to do that.

"It's absolutely free for staff to use and is a very simple process. I hope people will use the opportunity to send me their views and ideas this way because everyone's opinion matters."

Caroline said Text the Chief supports the council's vision of Your East Riding - where everyone matters, its recruitment and retention work and its aim of developing a modern workplace for a modern workforce by making it as easy as possible for staff to have their say in how the council works.


How it works

Simply send a text starting TEXTTHECHIEF followed by a space, and then your message to Caroline, to 80800.

For example, your message could start TEXTTHECHIEF Hi Caroline, I work at Willerby and I have a great idea to improve...

You must type TEXTTHECHIEF in full at the start of the message and you must then put a space before you start typing your message.

Text messages are received by an online platform and the messages are then forwarded on to Caroline by email so your mobile number is not shared with Caroline directly.

You can send messages anonymously but you are encouraged to provide your name. There are no adverse consequences of making constructive criticism, should you have a suggestion on how something could be done better.

However, please be respectful of individual colleagues and managers and please use appropriate language.

There is no cost to staff for using Text the Chief.


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