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Mon, 09 Mar 2020

We need your help to create an intranet mastermind...

Where do I find the Kreis Lippe meeting room?
Who do I tell about a broken toilet door?
Can my staff parking permit be taken directly from my pay?

These are all questions we've asked in our team recently and as you'd expect, our first port of call was the intranet. But we struggled to find what we needed and we realised we can't be the only ones having difficulty finding out how to complete a 'task'.

Introducing the knowledge hub

We want to create a place on the intranet that becomes your one stop shop for everything you want to know! We, of course, have lots of ideas around the type of questions we'd like to include but we wouldn't be doing our job as user-experience specialists if we didn't do our research and ask our customers - you.

Have a think about the things you've needed to find out recently - maybe you've looked to the intranet for the answer and ended up calling the service to confirm? 

You could also think back to when you started at the council - what would have made it easier for you?

Are you a member of staff who gets lots of phone calls from colleagues all asking the same questions? Then we need to hear from you. What are they asking you? Could we put the answers on the intranet to make your day easier?

Whatever your question, or questions, please complete our knowledge hub feedback form and let us know. We'd like to get started on this very soon, so please make sure you tell us by Friday, 27 March.

What happens next

We're hoping for a big response from this feedback request and we know we're not going to be able to tackle everything at once. So instead we're going to ask you to decide what we prioritise. 

In a few weeks we'll display all the questions you've sent us on the intranet and ask you to vote on which ones you want us to tackle first. 

Elsewhere on the redesign project

Here's a quick roundup of what we have been working on since our last blog:

General policies
We've had an initial meeting with the corporate strategy and performance team to consider how we can improve the way general policies (those not directly aimed at staff), plans and strategies are found on the intranet. It's likely we'll be moving them into a directory, like we have the staff policies, so we'll be looking at any tweaks we need to make to the policies directory design to make it work with these documents.

Minutes library - there are around 10,000 agenda and minutes documents on the intranet spread over lots of different pages. We think it would be a great idea to get these all in the same place and look at how they are categorised to make them easier to find. We've discussed this with the democratic team and we're currently working on a plan of how to tackle moving this huge amount of documents.

Both these projects will not only make these documents easier to find, but will help improve the intranet search too. We'll tell you more about these projects in an upcoming blog.

Sarah Winch, senior web analyst - UX


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