IT Security Update - Coronavirus Spam Emails
Fri, 20 Mar 2020

Cyber-criminals are targeting individuals and businesses with email scams linked to coronavirus.

Some of the spam email campaigns have included 'Click here for a cure', 'Covid-19 tax refund', 'The virus is now airborne' and 'Donate here to help the fight'. The emails contain attachments that either take you to a spoof webpage designed to harvest your login details or encourage you to input your financial information. Some of the email attachments also contain malicious software that records every keystroke you make, which allows attackers to monitor your every move online.

Other councils have already been compromised as a result of fake emails using Covid-19 as a subject cover.

With more staff expected to work from home it is crucial that all staff are vigilant when clicking on links within an email or opening email attachments, especially if the email is from an unknown sender.

Any cyber incident should be reported to the IT Service Desk immediately.

For more information, please see the ICT Security Intranet Page


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