Cyber Security - Trickbot
Fri, 27 Mar 2020

Trickbot is an established banking Trojan used in cyber-attacks against businesses and individuals. Trickbot attacks are designed to access online accounts, including bank accounts, in order to obtain personal information. Criminals then use this personal information to commit identity fraud.

Trickbot has also been used to infiltrate networks. Once inside it can be used to deploy other malware, including ransomware. Trickbot can steal sensitive information, online account passwords, login credentials and can spread across a victim's network by infecting other devices.

Trickbot can be spread via phishing emails, designed to appear as though they have been sent from a trusted source. These emails often contain an attachment (or a link to an attachment) which victims are instructed to open, leading to their machine being exploited.

The council put in measures to help prevent against a cyber-attack such as Trickbot, but it is also the responsibility of each individual to make sure that they are being vigilant.

You should always be cautious and think before you open an email containing an attachment.

Any suspicious emails should be forwarded to spam.reporting@eastriding.gov.uk and then deleted.

For more information please see the ICT Security Intranet Page.


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